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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 11/21/2001 11:12:24 AM EST
to believe in Gun Control: [url]http://www.keepandbeararms.com/information/XcIBViewItem.asp?id=174[/url] excerpts: "That Charlton Heston as president of the NRA is a shill who should be ignored, but Michael Douglas as a representative of Handgun Control, Inc. is an ambassador for peace who is entitled to an audience at the UN arms control summit." 'That door-to-door searches for drugs are a gross violation of civil rights and a sign of Fascism, but door-to-door searches for guns are a reasonable solution to the "gun problem." ' "That the first amendment absolutely allows child pornography and threats to kill cops, but doesn't apply to manuals on gun repair." "That the ready availability of guns today, with only a few government forms, waiting periods, checks, infringements, ID, and fingerprinting, is responsible for all the school shootings, compared to the lack of school shootings in the 1950's and 1960's, which was caused by the awkward availability of guns at any hardware store, gas station, and by mail order." & the list goes on....
Link Posted: 11/21/2001 4:18:33 PM EST
Good read! Here's a few more... That John Wayne, rejected by the Marines for bad knees, who portrayed firearms as used by soldiers and law enforcement is a draft-dodging agent of evil, but antigun draft dodger Sylvester Stallone, making movies about Vietnam veterans and using weapons gratuitously, is an American hero to be slobbered over. That violence is bad, but any defensive use of a firearm that doesn't involve the death of the perpetrator is invalid. That the NRA is bad for running political activities, but the Million Moron March, stealing money from AIDS research, illegally maintaining tax-exempt status as a 501c(3) organization and fraudulently using a hospital rent-free as its headquarters is good for running political activities. That Charlton Heston is evil for working for the NRA for free, but Sarah Brady charging $10,000 a speech is a paragon of altruism.
Link Posted: 11/21/2001 4:25:36 PM EST
Don't be surprised. Hypocrisy is the middle name of these people. They are almost literally from another world. They certainly are of a different reality, at least they've convinced themselves they are.
Link Posted: 11/21/2001 4:33:30 PM EST
It's like we're living in some kind of Bizarro World where everything is completely bass-ackwards - that's it, a Liberal Bizarro World! 'Rose are red Orchids are white I think of your view of the 2nd Amendment And scream all night.' Eric The(Actually,InBizarroWorld,TheLastTwoLinesWe­re'MeThinkOfYourFace/AndScreamAllNight')Hun[>]:)]
Link Posted: 11/21/2001 4:44:00 PM EST
Once again, THEY feed on American apathy. People will believe that bullshit because they know that something needs to be done, but if it involves turning off Jerry Springer and getting involved, they will not do it. God forbid someone should actually have to take responsibility for how their child is raised, or be answerable for their own actions. "I'm a product of my environment" "The mans keepin me down" "Well what do you expect, look at the neighbohrhood he lives in" BULLSHIT BULLSHIT BULLSHIT It is all a symptom of our quick fix society. No one is willing to work for anything anymore, if they can't win the Powerball, or get on that Millionaire show,GOD FORBID that one would work and invest in a 401K, or a mutual fund,or contribute to their employers pension plan. Why do that when I can sell crack, or internet porn, or knock off the gas station for crack money and an internet porn subscription to WWW. crackwhores.com. Treat the symptoms, do not even think of trying to reach the root cause of this general malaise that we now call everyday existence. I hate people Chuck
Link Posted: 11/21/2001 4:45:37 PM EST
Guess I am going to have to start printing more of these for the sheeple: [img]http://www.ilovebacon.com/jokes/images/061801cluepon.jpg[/img] Ice
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