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Posted: 8/12/2011 11:19:13 AM EDT
I really enjoy surfing the site 'Dieselpunks'. It's a good diversion from all the doom,gloom, and controversy ( and Safe For Work, too).

This article comes from the series 'Lord K's Garage. Short entries without much detail, but still a great variety of fascinating vehicles.

So here's Ferdinand Porsche's internal-combustion/battery/electric hybrid, with direct-drive hub motors, from the year 1900:

Lord K's Garage #101 - 1900 Hybrid Vehicle

The site also has some great entries on historic weapons, aircraft, and military vehicles. Take a look here to get started:

Weapons of War –– Dieselpunks

Link Posted: 8/12/2011 11:52:37 AM EDT
neat, love the OG43 SMG
Link Posted: 8/12/2011 11:57:01 AM EDT
918 Hybrid

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