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Posted: 11/2/2004 1:49:18 AM EST
to go fuck himself by voting for Bush. Actually, vote for which ever candidate you want. I just hope your voting Repbulican, just my two cents. Point is, I'm getting really tired for seeing a man with a diaper on his head, broadcasting threats that if we vote for Bush he will consider us his enemy. NEWSFLASH......that fuckhead attacked us even when a Democrat was in office. Point is, we are his enemy regardless of the candidate. He will attack regardless of how you vote. My suggestion is that you at least consider a candidate willing to fight these cowards on their soil. Bin Laden, you and your god (Allah) can fuck yourselves.
Link Posted: 11/2/2004 1:50:32 AM EST
Who's Bill Landen?
Link Posted: 11/2/2004 1:53:43 AM EST
Oops. I'm bad...typo. I'm usually not up at 5:30 am so I guess I'm still waking up.
Link Posted: 11/2/2004 2:00:23 AM EST
Will be voting.

Bush Cheney's got the whole family's vote. Every person of vote age is voting.

Other votes on the ballot: it's a lock in for the incumbents.

STATE SENATE (D) Michael Gronstal

STATE HOUSE: (R) Doug Struyk



That are all graded A by the NRA too.
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