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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 4/1/2002 3:52:58 PM EST
[Last Edit: 4/1/2002 3:57:57 PM EST by wiggy762]
I know that Eric The(SupportingIsraelForever)Hun has gone over this repeatedly and you cannot turn on the TV without seeing the latest episode of the 'Troubles' on most every news show. I just think that everyone, with the possible exeption of Garandman, is focused too tightly in a 'modern' perspective. Is it possible that the Israeli vs. Arab conflict is just an updated conflict caused by the Israeli nation turning it's collective back on God? Can an argument be made that ALL of the Jew's problems since creation have been the result of not living up to their end of the 'bargain' with God? Is the world seeing an escalating problem that God had foretold? (Garandman, help me out with more Biblical verses) Does the book of Revelation describe a 'last chance' for the Jews to recognize Christ as the Messiah? If all or any of these questions are answered yes, then why are so many people wringing their hands and bemoaning the violence? Why doesn't someone strongly suggest that someone in Isreal read the Old Testament and pay particular attention to the covenant spelled out between God and his chosen people, the Jews? If it sounds as though I am tired of all of the Isreali vs. Arab political posturing, I am. If it sounds like I am laying the blame for their problems directly at Isreal's feet for turning away from God, I am. If it sounds like I believe this problem will go away once Isreal returns to God's grace, I do. Heck, if some semi-smart Gentile like me can remember back to early Sunday school teachings and figure this out, why can't the Israelis? Could it be that they are so far away from God and have hardened their hearts, that they cannot even concieve of asking God for forgiveness and returning their nation to a state of God's grace? Well, I don't know why they won't or can't fix things, but until they do I am done with feeling sorry for them as a nation. I will still mourn the people lost in this idiocy. You may now return to your regularly scheduled spoon fed, watered down, see what they want you to see, and think what they want you to think, programming.
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