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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 12/5/2002 9:53:10 AM EDT
Article by Yashiko Sagamori, Candidate for Secretary of State of California Yashiko Sagamori 6 nov 2002 Have you ever thought that, in the unfolding conflict between the Muslim world and the civilization, the Muslims behave much more logically than the West? If I believe that you are unlawfully occupying, let's say, an island that's rightfully mine, I will send troops to that island. Their purpose will be to suppress any military resistance your army can offer, and re-establish my ownership over that piece of land. There is absolutely no need for me to target civilians in such a conflict: from any prospective, it would be not just immoral, but totally counterproductive vis-a-vis my goals in the conflict. Jihad however is not about territories. It is about a way of life. If I wanted to destroy your way of life, going after your military installations would be largely futile, especially if your military might is a billion times greater than anything I can ever dream of. Your army, no matter how powerful, is only a tiny portion of your way of life. Blowing up an office building full of so called "innocent civilians" advances my cause much farther and much more convincingly (especially if it causes you to engage in soul-searching instead of exterminating me once and forever which you are perfectly capable of accomplishing) than killing the same number of military personnel, precisely because those civilians are the most important, irreplaceable components of the way of life I am trying to destroy. Their "innocence" is non-existent. The term is nothing but an absurd euphemism for their absurd inability to defend themselves. Think about it: how can an infidel be innocent? Isn't it an obvious contradiction in terms? If you think I am being sarcastic, read the previous paragraph again: I am only trying to explain how the enemy's mentality is better suited for the conflict than ours. During WWII, when the very survival of our civilization was in question (although not as acutely as it is now), the United States treated enemy civilians in a more reasonable manner than our current impotent, defeatist morality dictates. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were destroyed along with most of their 100% civilian population despite the fact that they had not a single military installation in either of them. As a result, Japan surrendered. As a result, lives of about a million American soldiers were spared, along with probably four or five times that many Japanese, most of them civilians. Conclusion: Japan should not have put the United States in a position where even humanitarian gestures would be so murderous for the Japanese. In recent times, Israel is being daily penalized for killing Palestinian "civilians". Nothing can be more absurd, considering that "Palestinian people" didn't even exist until after the Six Day War, when that shameful misnomer was assigned to the largest and most successful terrorist organization in history. An Arab on the way to glorious martyrdom remains an unarmed civilian until he or she straps the explosives to his or her body. People who organize terrorist acts are considered unarmed civilians until their affiliation with a terrorist organization is proven, preferably in court. Women that lured 13 Israeli soldiers into a murderous trap in Jenin were perfectly unarmed civilians. Louis Farrakhan and his army are considered unarmed civilians. Mosques, those foreposts of Jihad spread around the United States and Europe, are considered off limits as religious institutions. By the way, a religious cult requiring animal sacrifices would most probably cause wide spread protests and be eventually outlawed in this country. However, the religious cult that demands human sacrifices on the global scale -- conversion, enslavement, or extermination of all "infidel" everywhere in the world -- is respectfully classified as a "monotheistic religion" and "Abrahamic faith". In reality, it is Satan himself clumsily disguised as a saint. We are doomed to destruction unless we start treating Islam the way we did Nazism. I am not calling for an anti-Muslim genocide: our decisive victory in WWII was achieved without exterminating the Germans. Instead, we exterminated Nazism. Today, we have no choice but to exterminate the most murderous ideology that has ever existed -- Islam. I see many parallels between today's world and the situation at the beginning of WWII. With the sole exception of Great Britain, not a single government tried to oppose Hitler. If Hitler had not betrayed Stalin, the Soviet Union would've had no reason to oppose him either. Contrary to the popular myth, the United States did not enter the war to stop the Holocaust: they did it to prevent Stalin from going all the way to the Channel and creating the European Union a few decades prematurely. Today, Muslims invade civilized countries under the benign guise of immigration. Their influence in Europe and even in the United States is growing steadily and will continue to do so unopposed until we finally wake up, although it's hard to tell if we're ever going to do it in time to save ourselves. Hypnotized by our own impotent dogmas, we stubbornly refuse to recognize the never-ending Arab was against Israel, the September 11, the war in Chechnya, the terrorist acts in various parts of the world for what they are: individual fronts of steadily growing Jihad, whose openly stated purpose is to destroy our civilization and establish the rule that would make Taliban look helplessly liberal. So far, they are winning.
Link Posted: 12/5/2002 10:01:10 AM EDT
Until this sagamori character apologizes for what happened in Nanking and the Bataan Death March and pays reparations the whole statement is moot.
Link Posted: 12/5/2002 10:24:17 AM EDT
Link Posted: 12/5/2002 11:45:47 AM EDT
Hate to break the news, but Sagamori is an AMERICAN who grew up in California! Why should he apologize for something the Japs did? Do you expect Americans of European descent to apologize for the NAZIs? How about Imperialism by Brits, Frogs, Spanish, Portugese and Belgians? It's actually a damned good article if you read it closely, especially the 3rd paragraph. Shows why we need to brush the whining liberals aside and start exterminating those who wage jihad.
Link Posted: 12/5/2002 12:22:24 PM EDT
Amazing how quickly some people have a knee-jerk reaction based on a person's last name, without paying due diligence and discovering who the author is before they sling their arrows. I agree with what the author is saying. I'm getting sick and tired of hearing the sanctimoneous BS "Islam is Peace" all the time from our own government. Radical Islam is our enemy. Muslims who support terrorists are our enemy. We have 3 choices: 1 - Continue to do what we're doing, and continue to suffer and get caught with our pants down occasionally (9/11) and end up losing all of OUR rights. 2 - Wage a war of eradication, and let the chips fall where they may. 3 - Reduce our dependence on Middle Eastern oil (open up ANWAR, help Russia with their production, Venezuela, etc.) as well as finding alternate sources. You'd think that we would go for route #3, but I'm cynical and know it will be more of #1. God forbid we ever had someone in office who had the sack to take route #2 (my personal favorite).
Link Posted: 12/5/2002 1:16:46 PM EDT
Originally Posted By Greywolf2112: Amazing how quickly some people have a knee-jerk reaction based on a person's last name, without paying due diligence and discovering who the author is before they sling their arrows.
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Imbroglio does that. Many have been trying to help him understand, so far without success.
Link Posted: 12/5/2002 1:17:53 PM EDT
Now we know there's at least one politician in California with a firm grip on reality.
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