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Posted: 4/4/2001 1:00:16 PM EDT
A question over on the Ammuntion forum about possible ammo shortages prompted me to type this rant, and I wanted to pull it over here for opinions.  Is this the good ole days of gundom, or is there really a "shortage" of everything and are prices really too high?

rant mode on
There is ALWAYS a "shortage" of things like this if you believe what the sellers tell you. Ever since I got interested in military-pattern weapons, accessories, magazines, and ammunition there has been a "shortage." However, even with the existence of this supposed "shortage," I have never failed to find and purchase what I wanted, albeit at inflated prices due to the "shortage" of that particular item. The fact that we continue to buy these items and they still haven't run out kinda clues us in to the truth, doesn't it?
Some cases in point:
30 rd. AR mags are selling cheaper now than they were a year ago, maybe even since the ban, even though "the government has started destroying these instead of selling them as surplus. Get 'em while you can, cause they won't last long."  They're lasting pretty good if you ask me.
Recently, there was a rumor of a "shortage" of the ammo you mentioned. One of the best suppliers of ammo on this board, Eric the Ammoman, posted that he has boatloads of it, has seen no reduction in supply, heard no new restrictions on import, and the few price increases he has seen are minor and attributable to "inflation" or production/shipping costs. So much for the "shortage."
Recently, the ATF changed a ruling that allowed imported parts kits so that barrels and receivers were not allowed to be imported. All of a sudden, there was an "anticipated shortage" of several parts kits, specifically FAL kits. I learned later that ONE importer of FAL kits and Imbel receivers had 25,000 KITS AND RECEIVERS ALREADY HERE, in the good ole USA. Kit and receiver prices are still very reasonable, although a little higher than they were before the onset of the "shortage."

The rip-off suppliers get away with it because people keep on buying their lines and their stuff. The good ones help us out at every opportunity to dispel the myths and provide good products at good prices.(Thanks good guys![:D])

Every gunshop I go into I get a whole string of BS of "shortages" of this and "no more" of that until it gets on my nerves. I can't stand someone to try to pressure me into buying something for twice its value just because there is a potential "shortage." [:(!]
The way I see it, I'm set on mags, rifles, handguns, spare parts, and ammo for a very long time.[:D] However, as long as surplus ammo, mags, and parts kit prices are as good as they are now, I'm going to keep on buying JUST IN CASE THERE IS A REAL "SHORTAGE" one of these days.[;)]

Let's face it. If you compare firearm, ammo, and accessory prices using inflation-adjusted figures, THIS IS THE GOOD OLE DAYS! RIGHT NOW!  Sure, in the past you could buy a Garand for $89, but back then, $89 was a LOT of money!   Look at what is available from many, many sources! Buy a Shotgun News and look at the ads!  Sure we've got a few bogus boogeyman laws to put a kink in our "wants" as far as how our rifle is equipped, and we have to pass the gubmint's litmus test and jump through a couple of hoops to buy a firearm, but when it comes to stocking up, NOW IS THE TIME TO DO IT![:D]

/rant mode

Did I mention that I think we are now in the good ole days? [:D]  JMHO
Any opinions?

Link Posted: 4/4/2001 1:17:04 PM EDT
yah, i am hoorified at the idea of telling my grand kids" back when i was a young man you could by an AR15 and you only had to go through a FFL, and boy do i wish i had held on to that pre-ban remington 870 i had, IT COULD HOLD 5 RDS. can you even imagin that?"
Link Posted: 4/4/2001 1:21:05 PM EDT
I think that this rant just about covers it.  
Link Posted: 4/4/2001 1:29:17 PM EDT
I remember back a few years ago there was a primer shortage rumor. People were paying $35+/1000.
Link Posted: 4/5/2001 4:48:55 AM EDT
mattsd, you're talking about the future.  I agree it looks kinda grim with all of the antis screaming for us to give up our guns.  However, RIGHT NOW, you can buy that 870 for $200, get a mag extension, ghost ring sights, PG stock, side saddle, and buy CASES of buckshot(S&B) for $55 for 200 rds.

I realize that Class 3 stuff is ridiculously expensive since the 86 ban on manufacturing.  I also realize that the AW bans limit the configurations of our new AR's, AK's, FAL's, HK's, etc. to "politically correct" ones.  
However, I wouldn't want to take on a "post ban" AR any more than a "pre-ban."  

My main point is this:  If we're "running low" on all of this stuff due to a "shortage,"  WHY THE HELL DON'T YOU EVER CALL A SUPPLIER AND HEAR THE DREADED WORDS, "That item is out of stock and there are no more available ANYWHERE, EVER AGAIN!"??????????  You don't because THERE IS NO SHORTAGE!!!  Gunshop/Gunshow/Internet rumors everywhere.  Ripoff artists trying to con somebody out of their hard-earned cash.  That's the point that I, not so eloquently, am trying to make.
Link Posted: 4/5/2001 6:57:52 AM EDT
The gun stores just want the "good ol days" to return.  They want the clock turned back to 1994 with the crime bill fiasco and the amount of panic buying many actively participated in.

With current anti-gun trend, the future looks Fvcked.  Even with the USSC saying the 2nd is an individual right, states will find ways to pass infringement laws.
Link Posted: 4/5/2001 7:51:24 AM EDT
I've seen gun prices rising less percentage wise than cars.  I get specials from aimsdiscount all the time.  Am buying a model 29 glock for $465.00 and I bought a compact 27 glock for $422.00 a year ago...I'd say these are good days. [pistol]
Link Posted: 4/12/2001 5:21:56 AM EDT
btt for one more time around...
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