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Posted: 12/26/2005 9:12:32 PM EDT
Let's see...I've got enough spare AR parts, minus a receiver to build another rifle.

Three grade B M14stocks(walnut, birch & a tigerstripe) are leaning against a wall in my bedroom waiting for a re-finishing project...maybe next week. Today I bought a B&D "Mouse" just for that project.

Across the room is a 11-87P bbl I swapped out with another bbl because I didn't like the front sight. Oh, and I just bought and installed a Meprolite tritium front sight in place of the factory bead. I'm waiting to hear from WilsonCombat next week about adding tritium to the rear. I'm contemplating porting the bbl...why not.

There is enough tritium in my house that I don't need nightlights!

Go upstairs into the "gun room"(spare bedroom) and there are 2 K-31, one which will be a victim of the stock refinishing project. Neither has been fired yet, but I still have 100 rds of 7.5 for the day I actually take them to the range. Half a dozen Mosins and a couple of mausers(one is a nice german one) sit quietly in the closet.

A few C&R boxes that I have never opened and don't even remember what the hell is in there anymore.

A couple of SKSs, Romanian and Chinese. The romanian has a new Williams peep-sight set recently installed, even though I have never fired either one.

A new bolt assembly for my kit FAL which I hope will fix the ejection issue. It is a beautiful rifle(one of my favorites), but up to now, it has been nothing more than a very complicated bolt action.

ARMS spacers put back in their boxes because the mounted sights have moved from one rifle rail to another.

I'll be getting an RA# tomorrow to return an compact ACOG for a different model, because of the mount.

Enough ammo for a small country-Hey it's cheaper in bulk! Enough to force me to buy some fireproof storage for all this stuff.

A Colt Sistema here, a Glock there and there and there, mags all over the damn place!

Half a dozen FOBUS holsters and other plastic parts and pieces for handguns I don't even own any more.

My 10/22 is in multiple pieces sitting in my gun-vice while I work on the Volquartsen trigger group I just installed in it. And I know I NEED that titanium firing pin...it will be here later in the week.

SGN mags everywhere!

Enough identical black plastic guncases that I will be getting a label-maker so I don't have to open every damn one to find the rifle I'm looking for.

I'm on the waiting list for an FN FS2000.

My next project will be a nice accurate bolt-action...Hummm, what optic?

Do I need to continue?!

Link Posted: 12/26/2005 9:21:29 PM EDT
at least this is a useful hobby, other people waste their money on stupid stuff like expensive sports cars or other collectibles which have no practical value. guns hold their value a lot better than most other things if you need cash, and if TSHTF you'll be able to arm your whole neighborhood against looters
Link Posted: 12/26/2005 9:21:42 PM EDT
Link Posted: 12/26/2005 9:23:16 PM EDT
Geeze what's it like having all of that stuff?

Link Posted: 12/26/2005 9:24:02 PM EDT
You don't have a M-1 Carbine ? What the hell is the matter with you

Sounds like you have C&R disease as well
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