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Posted: 4/3/2001 6:50:24 PM EDT
I think so!


Link Posted: 4/3/2001 7:00:09 PM EDT
Freedom of speech issues aside.  That is just wrong.  No one is going to benefit from this except for criminals and lawyers.  What is the point.  

Link Posted: 4/3/2001 7:15:34 PM EDT
Well to each their own but....This guy is well read, has won his court battles and is still standing. Could this be a tactical blueprint for  other issues?

I think so, I like what he wrote in the FAQ's section of the site. Curious that I couldn't use the link I posted? Perhaps nefarious actions are happening to infringe this persons free speech.

Link Posted: 4/3/2001 7:35:19 PM EDT
The arguments in the FAQ are pretty lame.  He compares his list to those that post sex offenders and child molestors.  There is a difference.  Not every person on his list is dishonest or a dirty cop.  He could very well be endangering the lives of some of the officers and their families.  I know if somebody put my info on a web site and it resulted in my family or myself being injured he would have more that lawsuits to worry about.  
Link Posted: 4/3/2001 7:43:15 PM EDT
Holy $hit, I would hunt his butt down like a dog if he posted my SSN on the internet. Thats miserable.

Link Posted: 4/3/2001 7:58:43 PM EDT
I'll agree it is a toxic sort of situation but....

I do agree with the base line reasoning, hate me or not, I think it to be a bit of sour grapes.

Social Security numbers are readily available, one form of ID in almost every aspect of life these days. They originally weren't designed for that but that is what they are. Perhaps you would rather a government issued ID card that has all you data in the card...or perhaps an inserted device so that NOONE can access YOUR number.

That is what this knee jerk reaction is pushing towards, a mandated one world order type of ID program. All of which hinges on when they can implement, the gun grab.

Opinions of course but I have had that kinda screwy day anyway.

Link Posted: 4/3/2001 8:29:35 PM EDT
Link Posted: 4/3/2001 8:37:31 PM EDT
I'll agree it is a toxic sort of situation but....

View Quote

This is not just toxic.  It is hateful, spiteful and just plain not right.  Just because with a little digging you can come up with someone's SS# does not give him the moral right to post it all over the internet.  If the shoe was on your foot and your SS# and address and phone # were posted I think you would be pretty upset.  How would you feel if HCI dug through government records and posted information on all gun owners in a given area on their website.  Might be legal but it sure would not be right.  That web site may stand up to a legal scrutiny but not a moral one.

edited to make more sense
Link Posted: 4/3/2001 9:35:26 PM EDT
Happens all the time, Credit card companies sell my info and then I get the pre-approved credit cards, checks that are pre-approved loans just cash em to accept the loan.

They get this data regularly.

You see the guy who did this was HARRASSED by the Kirkland police dept and court system, driving, property issues, etc.

What sparked it? I believe it was that he stood up for his rights when told that they were priviledges.

Persecution is the name of the game. I suppose you will fold like a house of cards when they come for your guns. This is freedom of speech but soon....number two.

The guy has committed some crimes in the past and paid his due but that is the whole angle of attack with the media, he is a criminal and this too is criminal act. Bullshit!

An outline that seems to work to some degree. He will suffer more HARRASSMENT but he is going in with eyes wide open.

I don't feel that the cops are here to protect me, thats a bullshit arguement, the ineveitable arguement of who ya gonna call at three am ain't holding water for me. I'll call on my own self preserving arms to deal with it and then call them to clean up the mess. Unless of course the 3am situation is the inevitable no-knock slam that those who are sworn to protect, initiate under the guise of some bogus informant deal. A regular lie.

Fuck em.

Link Posted: 4/4/2001 8:40:18 AM EDT
Read the FAQ again.  This guy is the biggest hypocrite.  He won't reveal his info but will run to the police if he needs protection from abusive people.  Here is the exact wording from his website.

[bold]Who owns this site?  

One or many very concerned persons.  So concerned in fact that thousands of dollars have been spent and are being spent to bring this data to the surface.  The persons who did the investigations where this information comes are not the owners and only contributed to this sites creation.  As to the names of the owner(s), that will only be disclosed if that person or persons decides it's in their bests interests.  So far it is not.  It's unlikely that the name(s) of the website creator(s) will ever be disclosed.  That's exactly what the police would like.

On a more sinister note.  The owner(s) believe and are convinced from the volumes of data they have at their disposal that the local police would retaliate.  Indeed it is believed that they (police) are largely uneducated, poorly trained, corrupt, vindictive and have an ingrained "us against them" mentality and will not resist the slightest temptation to "fix this problem" as they see fit.  Furthermore, the local police enjoy a work environment on NO accountability.  Consequently, the owner(s) have been forced to conduct business underground.

Does this site use tracking to be used in cases of abuse?

Yes.  That information will be turned over to the police when truly needed.  However, some of the information that isn't relevant will be redacted.[/bold]

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