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Posted: 11/12/2001 4:41:31 AM EDT
When I was 16, a couple of friends and I got into some trouble with the law. We were placed on "Concent Decree Probation" instead of being formally charged infront of a court. We completed probation without incident. I am now 26 and have since purchased 2 rifles and passed a background check for employment. I was wondering if anyone can tell me if I will have problems being issued a CCW permit in PA. Supposedly with concent decree probation my juvenile record was to be sealed or expunged when I turned 18. I'm not sure if this was to happen automatically or whether I had to do something to seal it. Its been a while and I can't remember the specifics. I hope the stupidity of being a teenager does not haunt me now. I haven't even been close to being in trouble with the law since that (except a speeding ticket). I would appreciate any opinions. AR_Shorty
Link Posted: 11/12/2001 4:45:58 AM EDT
A lawyer may be needed to fully answer those questions. What were you charged with? Misdemeanor or Felony? Misd. Shouldn't matter. Felony may be more difficult. But was there ever a conviction entered?? You can get arrested for 1,000,000 felonies, what matters is how many convictions. Juvenile law varies from state to state. Some are sealed, relatively tight, some are sealed -not. Expunged may or may not have happened, best to check. My guess is if you've been able to purchase firearms with a background check you won't be ruled out from a CCW.
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