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10/20/2017 1:01:18 AM
9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 8/31/2005 6:00:34 AM EDT
Looking at the level of destruction from the hurricane, it is clear that (other than gov't employees) there will be no jobs or paychecks for some time to come in those areas. Everyone still needs food, water and shelter. And when you send relief workers into the area, that further taxes local supplies as those folks also need food, shelter, etc.]

I understand there are E.O.s already on the books that allow for drafting all able bodied personnel to aid in event of a national emergency. If the hurricane damaged areas are not "disaster areas", I don't know what would be.

If this kind of destruction hit my hometown, I would expect me and all of my neighbors to be front and center to start and lead repair and recovery efforts. The last thing I would want is some FEMA types doing it for us. Send a materials request to FEMA, and put everyone to work that can work.

The govornor of La is talking about shipping everyone out of NO and sending in rebuilding operations.

What are we going to do if a truly massive disaster strikes the US, evacuate to Europe and bring in the French to rebuild our towns?
Link Posted: 8/31/2005 6:11:10 AM EDT
First, it may take the US Military to deal with this level of devastation. The military is the only gov't body wit the logistics & know how to do the job. We are talking about the same potential number of homeless & displaced as soldiers we have deployed in Iraq

I think we need to take the thousands of non dangerous criminals across the country and trade them incarceration time for labor time in cleaning up.

In the end, it's going to take everyone. And folks are going to have to learn to help themselves. That's the one thing that pisses me off to no end. All the fuckers in the 'Dome complaining about conditions. WTF? Organize teams among yourself to carry out the garbage, throw it out over the edge, clean the latrines, help the infirmed, organize activites to keep kids entertained, etc. . Why the fuck stand around like a bunch of helpless lemmings? This nation has bred a bunch of helpless, nanny dependant, mindless zombie consumers. Fuck, get off your asses , on your feet and get to work. If you can't do anything for yourself, get to work helping others. It ain't a day off from work.
Link Posted: 8/31/2005 6:15:25 AM EDT
I don't think our military has the available resources at this time to undertake a long recovery operation.

They have the structure to do it, but not the manpower or equipment thanks to the endless downsizing in the last 20 years.

Link Posted: 8/31/2005 6:18:35 AM EDT
only after Darwin is done with NO.
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