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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 7/2/2001 3:30:19 AM EST
If you took a parts kit and made your own receiver and it wasen't full auto would it be legal?
Link Posted: 7/2/2001 3:44:08 AM EST
As long as it is for your own use and not resale and it doesn't fall under the NFA then you can build a firearm without any BATF paperwork. That is the federal law anyways, Im not sure about states that make you have FOIDs or register your guns or whatever else other people out there have to do to own a weapon. If you aren't sure about your state I would call the local BATF office and ask them about your state laws, they should know. Michael
Link Posted: 7/2/2001 11:46:12 AM EST
In MA its pefectly legal as long as you follow all federal laws, (i.e. '94 crime bill, '89 import ban, etc) and are properly licensed in the state. MA only registers _transfers_ of firearms, thus making a new one for your own use is not a transfer and no paperwork need be filed.
Link Posted: 7/2/2001 4:10:21 PM EST
[Last Edit: 7/2/2001 4:12:52 PM EST by prebans]
I don't know about MA state laws, but it should be okay so long as: 1. It's not a machinegun; 2. It doesn't violate other NFA laws [barring paperwork]; 2. It doesn't violate the 1989 Bush import ban; 3. It doesn't violate the 1994 AW ban; 4. You never sell or transfer it. (? - Unsure of serial number and manufacturer markings requirements...) Does this sound right, folks? Mike EDITED because I can't spell
Link Posted: 7/2/2001 4:15:07 PM EST
Want it from the horse's mouth? See [url]http://www.atf.treas.gov/firearms/faq/faq2.htm#a7[/url]
(A7) Does the GCA prohibit anyone from making a handgun, shotgun or rifle? [Back] With certain exceptions a firearm may be made by a nonlicensee provided it is not for sale and the maker is not prohibited from possessing firearms. However, a person is prohibited from making a semiautomatic assault weapon or assembling a nonsporting semiautomatic rifle or nonsporting shotgun from imported parts. In addition, the making of an NFA firearm requires a tax payment and approval by ATF. An application to make a machinegun will not be approved unless documentation is submitted showing that the firearm is being made for a federal or state agency. [18 U. S. C. 922( o), (r), (v), and 923, 27 CFR 178.39, 178.40, 178.41 and 179.105]
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