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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 3/10/2006 1:44:20 PM EST
Ok, I need to vent for sec. (Rant on)

Case #1. Member on EE board lists they have new mags for sale...people jump on it like crazy...I reply and get my name in at the #3 spot...no reply on site, IM, or email. I send another IM and email later that day...still no rely. Next day, another email...no reply again. Next thing you know, the seller finally wakes up and reponds "thank you everyone who placed an order" (what, the two guys before me?) and said they were "processing the requests in order of receipt." They also said "unfortunately, we have already received more orders than we have mags to fill."

Well that's great and all, but you got a few people excited for nothing (there was about 3 or 4 guys behind me). Oh, and they have still not replied to a single email, or IM.

My issue with this one. Okay, I lost out--it happens, but I'm not pissed off about that. I'm pissed off how it happened. I appeared that they had a set number to sell, but who knows? Regardless, tehy should have replied to all inquires up until you the time you state they were sold out. Or, a courtesy email or IM reply stating you were sold out would have been nice. But there was nothing.

Case #2. I bought some mags from a guy using paypal (yes, I know about paypal) to the EXACT paypal address that the seller requested. I even paid same day. I then sent a seperate email stating I had paid....no reply. Regardless, I figured that they got the $, and I should get my mags in a couple of days. 8 or 9 days pass and I ask the seller what's up. They replied back that they didn't receive any $. I find this odd, but shit happens and so I give them a day or two to sort it out. Two days pass and they have yet to respond back on how they were going to fix it. After this time I send out an email to again ask what's up and there is no reply next day. Okay, at this point I am thinking I'm about to get robbed, so I send out another email asking for a response ASAP or I will assume they are out to screw me. Well, that got their attention and they responded by refunding my $ with not much of an apology.

Granted this could have gone worse, but it really pissed me off because it wasted my time, and I still have no mags (which aren't easy to find). Plus the lack of attention to emails (especially when there is a problem) is crap.

Both of these guys don't have the worst customer service I have seen, but they still gave the impression that they don't give a damn. In the big scheme of things, both were just an annoyance, but I will not to business with them or recommend them to anyone else. I'm not saying they deserve negative feedback or anything like that because no money was lost, but I doubt they'll be getting much postive feedback in the future either since they wouldn't know good customer service if it kicked them in the ass.

(Rant off)
Link Posted: 3/10/2006 1:50:36 PM EST
I've never had a single problem on EE with any other internet transaction. Whenever possible though I try and do face to face deals.
Link Posted: 3/10/2006 2:01:52 PM EST
Yeah, I am pretty new here but I have had three good EE experiences already.

These two sucked.

I still think this site rocks though, I have learned a lot.

Link Posted: 3/10/2006 2:18:28 PM EST
what gets me is the people that wanna pay bottom dollar for something... and expect top notch service...

not every one is the EE is a dealer..
not everyone is charging top dollar..
not everyone is making a large profit.
some people sometimes get a hold of stuff and wanna pass the savings to the members ..
some people simply wanna clean the garage and have no clue about cust serv... < and you buy from that person cause they dont know the upper they are selling for xx is really worth yy.and thats some of the fun. >

you will sometimes buy something from someone that does not live on the site 24/7 and your question will be deleyed..

life goes on.
save a buck and deal with it .. or pay a premium to have your hand held.

this remark is in no way directed to the original poster ,,,, just an observation.
Link Posted: 3/10/2006 2:24:09 PM EST
Case #2 is actually a dealer.
Link Posted: 3/10/2006 2:25:27 PM EST
I dunno.. I'm getting a little irritated by a gunsmith/refinisher on ARFCOM who has a bad email address on his website, and has thus far ignore two IMs regarding questions about having some guns refinished. (he's been logging in since the IMs were sent, so either he doesn't know where to read IMs, which is unlikely, or he's just blowing me off)

And he came highly recommended, too. Pity.
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