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Posted: 7/6/2012 8:48:39 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 7/6/2012 8:51:54 PM EDT by AeroE]
Link Posted: 7/6/2012 8:50:46 PM EDT
sounds like malware.
Link Posted: 7/6/2012 8:51:15 PM EDT
Yeah, you have a redirect virus, it is very difficult to get rid of, do the usual stuff, good luck.
Link Posted: 7/6/2012 8:56:34 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 7/6/2012 8:57:07 PM EDT by wintermute]
Ur Computar haz teh AIDS

ETA: malware bytes and ComboFix. Good luck :)
Link Posted: 7/6/2012 8:57:03 PM EDT
Check your HOSTS file. Too many beers deep to tell you where to find it. google that shit
Link Posted: 7/6/2012 9:00:12 PM EDT
I picked up something that likes to erase parts of my screen. I did a Google search for an image of the Olympic trials track meet photo finish, and BAM, got a fucking virus.Some people have nothing better to do. Further, every anti-virus and malware removal tool has let me down. Do I need to pay for something better than the free shit?
Link Posted: 7/6/2012 9:02:33 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 7/20/2012 5:25:29 PM EDT by AMHsix]
Link Posted: 7/6/2012 9:03:57 PM EDT
Why everyone does not use Sandboxie is beyond me...
Link Posted: 7/6/2012 9:04:57 PM EDT
You need to have something running interactively.

I use PC Tools Spyware Dr, which unfortunately has been purchased by Symantic
Link Posted: 7/6/2012 9:08:05 PM EDT
First of all, Rkill then MalwareBytes. That will get rid of most of the shit out there.

Second, Google sucks ass. Use www.goodsearch.com which is not anti-gun.
Link Posted: 7/6/2012 9:15:07 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 7/6/2012 9:17:54 PM EDT by Gamma762]
Only thing I used (out of many, including most of what's already been mentioned in this thread) that found a google redirect rootkit a while back on my nephew's computer.

Once you have a sophisticated malware onboard, it's very difficult to detect it while running the infected operating system as the malware use active defenses to avoid detection. Using a live run disk bypasses those protections.
Link Posted: 7/7/2012 4:18:19 AM EDT
I had one of these I don't remember exactly where to get rid of it but basically you find a text file and simply delete the the redirect line. Google should turn up a simple fix.
Link Posted: 7/7/2012 5:23:14 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 7/7/2012 5:23:54 AM EDT by Sigman_Froid]
google redirected browser. microsoft has fixes.

delete all cookies temp internet files etc.

reinstall ie if thats what your a usein'

check security software and scan

check windows update and set to automatically update

try ms security essentials. it has gotten better and works pretty good for me. and its free!

one or more of the things on this list should work otherwise you may be in deeper do-do than it sounds. good luck.

Link Posted: 7/7/2012 6:20:32 AM EDT
Originally Posted By KeepShooting:
Why everyone does not use Sandboxie is beyond me...

Because I have never heard of it and don't know what it is.
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