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Posted: 10/10/2007 10:27:51 AM EST
October 10, 2007

Iraqi Forces, U.S. Special Forces detained 11 suspected terrorists, kill one

Multi-National Corps – Iraq PAO
BAGHDAD – Iraqi Forces, with U.S. Special Forces as advisers, detained 11 suspected

terrorists and killed one during three separate operations in Sinjar and Baghdad Oct. 8.

During one operation, Iraqi Security Forces and Iraqi Army Soldiers detained 6

suspected insurgents while targeting terrorists in a village near Bi’aj, who are believed

to be linked to the al-Qaeda in Iraq network in Sinjar.

The targeted village, Marzoog Halaltair, is suspected of housing al-Qaeda in Iraq

operatives who are responsible for weapons dealing, making vehicle-borne improvised

explosive devices and facilitating terrorists’ travel throughout small insurgent villages

located in western Ninewa Province.

Two weapons caches, consisting of 1000 14.3mm anti-aircraft rounds, an antiaircraft

gun tripod, 10 anti-tank mines, 1,000 feet of electrical wire, 2,000 feet of copper

wire, 11 blasting caps, 10 feet of detonation cord, a three-gallon bag of magnesium

turnings, five 60mm artillery rounds, one 120mm artillery round, 10 boxes of PKC

ammunition, five pounds of home-made explosives, one 30-liter oxygen bottle, one

Mauser pistol, one PKC, eight rocket-propelled grenade propellants, and a suicide vest

were destroyed in a controlled detonation.

In Baghdad, Iraqi Army Scouts detained five suspected insurgents in the Askan

neighborhood. The terrorist group, which has been using a local school as a safe

haven, allegedly facilitates weapons trafficking, murders innocent civilians residing in

the local area and attacks Iraqi and Coalition Forces using mortars, rockets and IEDs.

In a separate Baghdad raid, Iraqi Special Operations Forces targeted a terrorist

cell that is responsible for conducting IED attacks and kidnappings against the Iraqi

Police and the IA.

During the operation, one of the terrorists struggled and assaulted a Soldier as

he was being detained. Responding to the threat, the forces engaged the terrorist,

killing him. One sniper scope with an amplifier adapter, three cell phones and a pistol

belt were seized during the operation.

No Iraqi or U.S. Forces were injured during these operations.

Link Posted: 10/11/2007 1:17:10 PM EST
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