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Posted: 12/6/2001 11:51:42 AM EDT
Check this out: I you may or may not know, the ICC, if created, would allow US Servicemen to be brought to the ICC for trial for so-called "crimes of aggression" and other crimes. Now the people who created the treaty are not big fans of the US, especially out military interventions(I'll admit neither am I(which is a whole other issue), but I don't support the ICC nor trying US servicemen in a foreign court for supposed crimes), so they would gladly take our soldiers to court and lock them up. Now, Clinton signed the treaty last December, but even he was smart enough not to submit it to the Senate, where it would die a quick and much needed death. Well, Senator Helms(Along with Craig) wasn't having any of that, so he introduced and got passed the American Servicemens' Protection Act of 2001(S. 1610). What this act does is it: -cuts off any support for the helping(including negotations, funds, extridation, granting requests, or even letters of support) the ICC by any court, agency, or official of the US or a state; -prohibiting sending US forces to any country which has ratified the treaty once the ICC goes into effect; -denies funding or any other assistance to any country(excepting NATO or Major non-NATO countries(such as Israel or Taiwan) which arrests, detains, or otherwise captures a US or Allied soldier or covered citizen; and (most interesting of all) it -Allows the President to use ANY FORCE NECESSARY to free any US or Allied soldier or covered citizen! That means he could send in the Marines, Rangers, or any other Special Forces to liberate from the ICC anybody detained by them! Now that is sweet! Go Helms! Of course the President can waive the prohibitions stated earlier, but the are some requirements to do that such as the President must submit to Congress why we should waive them on a case by case basis. According to the Library of Congress, this bill is in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. We'll probably never see it come out of there until the GOP regains power, but write your Senators! Also, this bill was introduced back in May in Both the House and Senate, but it never went anywhere. Helms reintroduced it Nov. 1st.
Link Posted: 12/6/2001 1:02:53 PM EDT
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