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Posted: 9/30/2004 7:04:04 AM EDT
Worked the late shift last night with the resident Uber Leftist Socialist Dude, who was railing on about the usual Bush-is-evil-incarnate schtick. I learned some interesting things by just letting him go. For example, Iran and N. Korean are ramping up their nuke program in direct and justified response to the fear of "the U.S. Internat'l Police State". And the Democratic party - which is almost as right-wing as the Republicans nowadays - represents the hope that humanity can evolve into something better rather than giving in to our baser, greedy nature.

My favorite one, though, was something I thought really spoke to the heart of the differences between Left and Right. Apparently, "Joe Average American" is (this is his thinking, btw) stupid enough that he is willing to elect a president who is just like him, is just as much of a "common man" and who is just a poor a communicator as any redneck walking down the street. We're willing to put a man in the White House who's just as common as we are, when we should be looking for someone better.

Interesting.... I suppose that's the difference between people who see themselves as citizens with a representative government and people who believe themselves subjects to be led and cared for by their "betters".

The guy used to annoy me a little. Now I'm just disgusted by the sight of him.
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You will find that most socialists fall into two categories.

1) Elitists who believe they know better, AND believe that they personally and rightly will be in control of the new socialist government. It's a power play...

2) The "victims" of the capitalist system, who will likely benefit from socialist programs. More nanny state is a good thing....
Link Posted: 9/30/2004 7:11:06 AM EDT

Originally Posted By DoubleFeed:
Draft up a series of questions designed to make him think about what he is saying. Interject them in the monologue at opportune times.
Wait until you detect a contradiction to hit him with the question. If he is smart, he will realize he is starting to nibble his toes as a prelude to shoving his entire foot in.

I have come to the conclusion that folks like that LOVE the taste of their feet.
Link Posted: 9/30/2004 7:13:02 AM EDT
I've already done that regarding gun control. I find it best to not just blast him (verbally) because the workplace is a pretty strong Left-nest. When I came out equally strong against them about the AWB, they just stopped talking to me about the topic altogether ("Don't confuse my feelings with logic!"). Now I'm playing 5th column - listen quietly, agree occasionally, then ask, "But I wonder what would happen if...?" and let them point out the errors for themselves.

Poison that well!
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