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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 3/1/2006 3:33:22 PM EST
Copy of an email update sent to a lot of gunnies from all over the state of Indiana.

Please send me any information on personal actions and ideas for other
activities we can work on together for bigger impact.
I Have started research on 2006 candidates for several different offices that
impact the whole state.
So far I have met with Greg Walker who is running against Sen Garton for Senate
dist 41. This one seat is important as Garton is Sen President Pro Tempore and
has been accused of being the single biggest power broker of the state. In
speaking to Walker and listening to who he claims to be as not a career Politian
(why does MS Word capitalize that word?) and that this job is selfless for him.
I can believe that is a good ambition and hope he is strong enough to deliver if
he wins the seat.
He is working on his website and considering the survey so we are waiting on
that. A few of the answers I have from him include that he does not own any
firearms. He understands the gun does not kill but it takes intent and ill-will.
Also that gun control only restricts the law abiding. He does not have a license
to carry handgun in the state of Indiana and also that he will not pursue this
in the foreseeable future. His concerns and focus will be the May primary. He
also stated that he intends to receive training before he applies for the
So we do need a response from him on the survey. I hope to include him in
distribution of this update and past updates. I do not believe unfavorable
answers should negate material or moral support in his campaign. I have the
highest hopes in his honesty and integrity. Our goal in this is removing Garton.

Last lines in the action list for:
Action List: Senate Bill 0054
02/27/2006 H Representative Duncan added as cosponsor
02/27/2006 H House Rule 106.1 suspended
02/28/2006 S Senator Hershman added as coauthor
02/28/2006 H Third reading: passed; Roll Call 291: Yeas 79,
Nays 13
02/28/2006 H Returned to the Senate with amendments
Action List: House Bill 1028
02/27/2006 S Second reading: ordered engrossed
02/27/2006 S Senators Lanane, Delph and Paul added as
02/28/2006 S Third reading: passed; Roll Call 249: Yeas 44
and Nays 5
02/28/2006 S Returned to the House with amendments
02/28/2006 S Senator Heinold added as cosponsor

Action List: House Bill 1176
02/27/2006 S Senators Steele, Drozda, Waltz, Hume, R. Meeks,
Bray, Hershman and Paul added as cosponsors
02/27/2006 S Second reading: ordered engrossed

In other news today I have spoken to the Libertarian candidate for Secretary of
State. Mike Kole has a website and he sounded open-minded in responding to the

Indiana’s congressional dist 7! http://www.franklinforcongress.net/
Also I spoke with Ron Franklin who won 2 terms to at-large seats on the
Indpls/Marion Co city/county council. Unrelated and relevant I asked him where
he stands with “affirmative action” and his response boils down support of
this policy short of quotas and holding positions for less than deserving
individuals. I must say that I will be supporting Ron in the primaries and main
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