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Posted: 7/26/2013 12:43:29 PM EDT
"BBC reports that India's
army spent six months watching 'Chinese spy drones' violating its air
space, only to find out they were actually Jupiter and Venus.

Between last August and February, Indian troops had already documented
329 sightings of unidentified objects over a lake in the border region
next to China. India accused the objects being Chinese spy drones. The
incident even escalated to a military build-up and a stand-off at border
between the two countries.  Residents of the solar system are glad that
India does not possess the capability to shoot down such high altitude

"India has nuclear weapons.  Sleep tight."


Link Posted: 7/26/2013 12:44:13 PM EDT
Astronomy is complicated.
Link Posted: 7/26/2013 12:44:44 PM EDT
Spy planets. I never trusted them.
Link Posted: 7/26/2013 12:47:06 PM EDT
Thats not a planet
O, wait , yes it is

Link Posted: 7/26/2013 12:49:18 PM EDT
The Chinese landed on Venus and Jupiter?    Damn.   We have some catching up to do.  Wonder what kind of optics they are using. Maybe there is a scaled down version they can sell to India.
Link Posted: 7/26/2013 12:49:22 PM EDT
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Thats not a planet

O, wait , yes it is
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If we declare war on Mars, will there be everlasting peace if we win?
Link Posted: 7/26/2013 1:34:28 PM EDT

When the moon is in the Seventh House
And Jupiter aligns with Mars
Then peace will guide the planets
And love will steer the stars

You are having a slight problem with your astrology, yes?
Link Posted: 7/26/2013 1:35:52 PM EDT
obviously Chinese Death Stars
Link Posted: 7/26/2013 1:37:51 PM EDT
Wait... are they saying that China has observation posts on/around Venus?!?
Link Posted: 7/26/2013 1:38:29 PM EDT
Link Posted: 7/26/2013 1:40:26 PM EDT
"Please do the needful...."
Link Posted: 7/26/2013 1:45:21 PM EDT

Link Posted: 7/26/2013 1:58:37 PM EDT
"Damn, missed again !"

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