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Posted: 9/1/2001 12:54:10 PM EDT
I went to a "Guns and Militaria" show today at the Days Inn Conference Cernter in Allentown, PA. A small show, but totally filled with vendors overflowing into the conference center lobby, maybe 150 table, total. The breakdown went something like this: Tables with Militaria: 100 Tables with junk and toys: 10 Tables with combo of the above plus a few guns (less than 10): 30 Tables with overpriced ammo: 2 Tables with decent parts selection: 2 Tables with Beef Jerky: 1 Tables with collector firearms: 2 Tables with modern guns: 3 (two of which were incredibly overpriced) There were TWO (2) AR-15's available at the show. One used postban Colt the dealer was asking $995 for and one used postban DPMS with the dealer asking $600. I offered the DPMS guy $550 out the door (gun is mint) and he took the offer, then felt guilty becuase it didn't have any magazines, so I got it for $500. So despite wading through piles of junk I managed to get a good buy; which woprked out better than the much larger show I went to last weekend, where there was quite a bit of stuff, but few values to be had.
Link Posted: 9/1/2001 6:51:44 PM EDT
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There was one other AR there... along the back wall, the guy had a Pre-ban 20" Colt A-1 for $1800... I asked the other guy about the $965 Post-ban Colt. He wanted my "Like NIB" Beretta 96FS + 2 hi-cap mags, My "Like NIB" Loaded Springfield 1911 A-1, AND $400 cash... I laughed at him and walked away...[rolleyes]
Link Posted: 9/1/2001 7:03:44 PM EDT
Did you notice that the same guy with the overpriced Colt had a post 89 Polytech (solid flash hider) he was tryiong to pass off as a pre-89 gun (with the accompanying price). I don't understand; do people pay these silly prices? The DPMS I got [url]http://www.shooterstore.com/acb/showdetl.cfm?&DID=90&Product_ID=5297&CATID=493[/url] for $500. Glad I got there before you did [;)]
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