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Posted: 8/29/2004 10:39:46 PM EDT
What is the most idiotic roll you've been dispatched on?
Not the most idiotic thing that has happened on a roll, that's way too much to think about--what is the most idiotic thing that some dispatcher has said while dispatching you. Something that should've indicated to the dispatcher that the roll was not what he/she gave you, or shouldn't have been dispatched at all.

My 2:

Me and my partner get dispatched on a call of a DEAD PUPPY on the Franklin Ave. overpass.
Dispatch sent it to us as a code 2. Seriously. Because the complainant thought the body was gonna get hit agian and smushed.

Fortunately, a Sgt. with some form of sense (not entirely common, as you can't say "bullshit" on the air,) came over the air and asked dispatch to repeat herself. When she did, he responded with "D-d-d-don't dispatch on that bullshit!" She then of course asked him how to mark up the call, and he responded "Dammit! N.A.T. to me!" (Neccesary Action Taken)

The other, and by far my favorite example of dispatch cluelessnes: (the name I give here is not the real name)

We got dispatched to Charlie Wilson's Automotive Repair.
The remarks were that the complainant, one Charlie Wilson, was mad at the owner and was gonna start a fight with him. Dispatch gave it out as a disturbance/fight to start call.
I asked dispatch for the callback and address on the complainant, and she gave the number of the shop, and it's address. After I asked, she called back and spoke to one Charlie Wilson, who identified himself as the guy who had called, and gave his address as the shop (he lived over it.)
Even after all this, I had to still had to direct dispatch to act as if the call was of a possible mental case. (i.e., notify a supervisor, call the crisis unit to come on the channel, etc.)

In case ye may wonder, yeah, it was the owner calling on himself. He just picked that day to snap I guess.
Link Posted: 8/31/2004 9:04:19 AM EDT
This thread might do a little better if you change the title to something like "Whats the most idiotic call you have rolled on?"

Im sure there are alot of them in the ARFCOM "Brothers of the Shield" archives.
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