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Posted: 9/17/2004 6:14:34 PM EDT
We all know that freerepublic and DU will ban you if you dont toe their particular ideological line.

Many of us feel that this means that they are intolerant. This may be so, but I believe on such a political site it may be necessary.

Look at Sean Hannity's forum. They dont ban people for their views and that forum has degenerated into an ongoing fight between the libs and the conservatives, with no real constructive arguments being made.

With DU and FR they solve this by banning trolls, which allows people of certain beliefs to discuss their beliefs without the trolls coming along.

I do not recommend this for Arfcom, because we are not a 'political' site per say. We are a site dedicated to a certain firearm and anyone can love that firearm whether they be consevative, liberal or, ghast, liberatarian.
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