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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 8/6/2001 10:29:27 PM EST
I just found out a good way to protect yourselves from identity theft. Call Equifax at 1800-525-6285 Experian at 888-397-3742 Transunion at 800-680-7289 If you belive "you might be a victim of fraud" You can use their automated system to put a fraud alert on your account which will ensure that any company that grants credit in your name will have to call you first. It also stops those unsolited credit offers. If you do it now, you strike a pre-emptive blow against these criminals. Identity theft is a growing problem, and you would be amazed how easy it is for these perps to get 5 or more credit cards maxed out for you, so that you will have a SHTF scenario trying to clear up the damage. I hate to think of myself as a victim, but these bastards got me, and I'm very careful with my info. BTW, not bashing, but the LEO's so far have been less than helpful. They wouldent even let me fill out a report, because the fraudulent purchases happened out of state. The Feds don't care either, unless it involves a ton of money. So basically nobody goes after these jerks. If I knew who they are, I would be calling for some good old fashioned justice. This is a really bad crime, because your credit rating and even criminal record can get FUBAR. Frankly I would rather be robbed face to face. Then at least I would'nt have been such an easy mark. Live and Learn! Hope this helps
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