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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 11/10/2002 7:48:10 PM EDT
No shit. Somehow I got signed up to recieve mail from some website I think its called the democratic party online. I have requested many many times to be removed from thier list. They even used to have a lind that you could go to to have your address removed. I did that TWICE and still I recieve email from em. Ive even written them dirty emails tryin to get the point accross but the mail still comes. Ive tried blocking the address but they send from a different address every time they mail me. What I want to know is: Legaly what can I do to get them the hell off of my back? Is there a government agency that I can contact? Is there ANY place that I can contact? Is there anything that I can do to get them off my back? AM I gonna have to go to court just so that I can have a clean demonrat free mailbox?????
Link Posted: 11/10/2002 7:49:57 PM EDT
Like all the other spam mail one gets and trys to stop, not much you can do but filter it out.
Link Posted: 11/10/2002 7:51:08 PM EDT
I get those emails all the time also.
Link Posted: 11/10/2002 8:14:58 PM EDT
Link Posted: 11/10/2002 8:17:15 PM EDT
I have the same problem. I signed up with them one time so I could vote in a poll or something and they send me emails everyday. I have added them to my "Blocked Senders List" a hundred times, but they send out their bulk emails from a different email address everytime. How can I make them stop?
Link Posted: 11/10/2002 8:17:28 PM EDT
Link Posted: 11/10/2002 9:26:03 PM EDT
If you have a good ISP, you can often contact them and send them the header information from offensive/spam emails and have them permanently blocked. My works old web hosting/email hosting company complied when some hate group got ahold of our entire list of emails. Haven't tried this with any home ISP's, but it's worth a shot. Also, if they send from a different email@democrat.com (or same after the @ symbol each time), you can create a filter to get rid of this via outlook (or outlook express). If you're creative, you could even have outlook filter out when it has such keywords as democrat, vote, etc... I personally never give out my main email (either home or work), and always have a forwarding account so that if some POS spammer gets ahold of my email, I can just swap to a new one and have that one forwarded to my real address.
Link Posted: 11/10/2002 9:39:05 PM EDT
Never ever respond to them directly. All you do is confirm your email address works. Get thee over to http://spamcop.net and get a free account. Then forward or cut/past the spam to their reporting services. They will send complaints to the appropriate sys-admins. Works suprisingly well.
Link Posted: 11/10/2002 9:49:39 PM EDT
Sometimes you can sue spammers. You might be able to get $1000 in small claims. [url]http://www.spamlaws.com/state[/url] [url]http://www.infoworld.com/articles/op/xml/02/04/22/020422opwinman.xml[/url]
Link Posted: 11/11/2002 6:47:20 AM EDT
Go to [url]http://www.mailwasher.net[/url] The program lets you log onto your email server, check what's there, tag what you don't want, bounce them back to the sender like your address is no longer there. I downloaded it after I started getting 40 spams a day, after a week of use the spam disappeared.[:D] ARkie
Link Posted: 11/11/2002 7:19:12 AM EDT
You can block them by the @dirtybastarddems.com or you can sue them like some guy is doing down south for getting unsolicited Republican emails. There was recent legislation enacted that allows a person to collect $ for every email/mail sent to them.
Link Posted: 11/11/2002 7:23:04 AM EDT
Register every email address listed at their site for free porn. Post those addresses in porn newsgroups so spam spiders will crawl them and inundate them with spam.
Link Posted: 11/11/2002 9:44:40 AM EDT
unfortunatly none of this works with the mail.com server. The email cop thing seemed to complicated. im gonna try the mailwasher just in case it might work. if not, is there any chance that I could get a non profit lawyer? seriously.
Link Posted: 11/11/2002 9:58:01 AM EDT
Hey, I remember back in 2000 getting phone calls from: The NAACP telling me "we" needed to vote against Bush because he didn't support "hate crime" legislation(Remember the ad about the guy getting dragged in TX? I got a call that played it, despite the fact that murder is murder). Then, the Rev. Jesse Jackson called me and told me that "we" needed to vote Democrat to protect the interests of "our people", Then Algore called, reminding me to "vote democratically" I hate to tell them, but a) I'm Caucasian b) I'm a REPUBLICAN precinct Committeeman They want to talk about profiling? WTF was that? Assuming by my ZIP or phone prefix I'm a black democrat because I live in the 'hood? Tango7
Link Posted: 11/11/2002 10:13:06 AM EDT
anyone got more info about going to small claims court? Im seriously considering doing just that! [dracula]
Link Posted: 11/11/2002 4:22:34 PM EDT
you guys got to learn, whenever any site asks you for an email, give them a good valid email of someone you want to piss off. some one with an 88 in their name maybe? or someone from DUh.com have fun. TXLEWIS
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