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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 3/22/2006 2:50:58 AM EST
alrighty, so a local paper in Champaign has a weekly collumn called "Things I know I know" so I figured I'd do a spoof of it, and post it hopefully weekly on ARFCOM if people are interested... so here goes nothing...

-I know I know that this year's NCAA bball tourney has shown that sports comes down to one thing... who wants it more at a given time. I mean George Mason knocking off half of last years final four... Bradley going further than Illinois!?!?! If you told me these things before the tourney started, I would have laughed in your face. Here's to the underdogs... keep on fighting!

-I know I know that the state government of Illinois is fucked for the next four years, no matter who wins the governor's seat. Blagobitch said he's working on an AWB to cheers of "four more years" during his victory speech yesterday. Topinka won the R nomination, but she's about as conservative as the weed smoking hippie in my philosophy class freshman year. IL residents... we're screwed.

-I know I know that 24 is the best show on tv. Period. Jack is my hero.

-I know I know that if my generation doesn't get a swift kick in the ass, America will be fucked. I'm constantly surronded by "men" softer than the exfloation sponge they use in the shower. What's with the euro-trash metro movement. This can only spell disaster for future gun ownership, as these guys would rather go to the mall then go shooting. Mandatory military service anyone?

-I know I know that no matter what happens in life you gotta remember one thing... things will work their way out and you will continue kicking ass at whatever you do. You were put on this great earth for one reason, to be the best you there is. There's not another person out there as unique as you are, so live it up, cause life is short, and you don't know when you're gonna go (I say this as we apporach the one year anniversary of me losing a pledge brother to a car accident).

Well that's it for now... I hope I brought some insight instead of wasting bandwith.
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