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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 1/4/2002 6:34:44 AM EST
If you had a chance to grill some million mom marcher or other anti-gun woman organizations what kind of questions would you ask them? What kind of questions would you like to see asked of Second Amendment Sisters? I am doing a news feature on the SAS and want to get some Million Mom Marcher perspectives. Any suggestions?
Link Posted: 1/4/2002 8:37:02 AM EST
questions to ask anti-gun or fence sitting females: 1. did you know that you have a greater chance of being raped than you do of having breast cancer? (wait for their 'no'.) well, you do what you can to protect yourself from breast cancer, don't you? (wait for their 'yes'.) well, then what do you do to protect yourself from the rapist? 2. are you telling me that i don't have a right to defend my children? (use the "for the children" card against them.) 3. what would you do if you knew somebody was following you in a car? what would you do if you knew somebody was trying to get into your home when you were alone with the children and your husband wasn't home? what would you do if you were staring down the intruder and you only had 10 seconds to do just one thing that would save the lives of your children. but remember, you have time to do one thing only. what would it be? i always try to beat them at their own game. they like to play the emotional side of it and come up with banning guns. so i play the emotional side of it (especially to the women). and i absolutely [i]love[/i] to pull the "for the children" strings. heehee, works everytime! other, less emotional questions, have more effect on men than women: 4. so you think gun control is the answer? (wait for their 'yes'.) do you know which cities have the strictest gun laws? (wait for 'yes' or 'no'. if 'yes', have them name them. if 'no', list them out.) do you know which cities have the highest crime rates? (wait for the 'no' cuz by now they're so flustered with the direction the argument is going they can't think straight. and you know where to go from that point i think.) 5. can you tell me how many times a year a gun is used in a crime? how many times a year a gun is used to kill someone intentionally (homicide)? can you tell me how many times a year a gun has prevented a crime and/or caught the bad guy? (it's a good idea to have these facts so you can answer them for the poor bastard since he won't be able to.) 6. ask them if they know what constitutes a "child" in that stupid accidental shootings of children statistics given by HCI. see [url]www.guntruths.com[/url] for the answer. 7. ask them if they think making guns illegal will a) remove guns from society and/or b) reduce crime. if they answer 'yes' to part A, ask them if making drugs illegal has removed drugs from society. if they answer 'yes' to part B, ask them if England and Australia, who have banned all guns, have seen a reduction in crime since the ban took effect. (you'll probably have to tell them the answers because they won't have looked into that part of the story. and don't forget to mention that execution-type murders in broad daylight are almost common on the streets of London since the bad guys know that the good subjects of the Crown are unarmed and can't resist.) oops. after typing all of that, i realized that you probably want to be a little more objective than my questions were. sorry.
Link Posted: 1/4/2002 4:05:29 PM EST
Ar Lady....here`s my question to you.....considering the women you know.....do you think the majority are pro or anti-gun?........I have to tell you that in my life...almost ALL of the women had no problem or actually owned firearms.....in the last 15-20 years....this has changed...but only because I have been working in a different environment than I grew up in, and even still...there is a large number of females who still have no problem or are REQUIRED to have firearms..??
Link Posted: 1/9/2002 10:10:06 PM EST
Well something you have to keep in your mind is, where have gun laws worked and not worked. And what where thoughs laws. For example, in utha there is a small town, city, I forget the name but if you live there you are required to own a gun. No crime there. So there it works good. However, look at miami. You can leagly belt a sword on your side as long as it is visible, and all kinds a people, even your law biding citizen, does carry. And look at there crime rate, it is still high. Sometimes, it works and others no. Some people should not be aloud to have wepons. I.E. sentor feinghties, or howere it is sp. Points her gun at people in anger. If you can't controll your actions in public like anger, your to dangerous to have one, the risk of 2nd degree murder is to high.
Link Posted: 1/9/2002 10:13:08 PM EST
And what would I ask a anti-gun libreal. I would not ask, cause they have their right not to own and to protest it no matter what I think. As long as they recoginze that I do have my right to purchase and own and to go to a gun range and to use in self defense only. I have no questions or quralls with them. Egad, evey one needs to stop argueing and recognize the rights of others.
Link Posted: 1/10/2002 3:22:21 PM EST
This is NOT the wild-wild west...........yet..........[:)]
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