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Posted: 12/28/2003 11:40:38 AM EDT
Saw this article yesterday about the CIA museum. Interesting stuff.

Still think we cant make an earthquake?
Link Posted: 12/28/2003 11:52:10 AM EDT
An earlier test with a heavier camera in the skies over Washington failed after two days when the overburdened pigeon was forced to walk home.
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Link Posted: 12/28/2003 11:55:00 AM EDT
If it works, it is a good idea.
Link Posted: 12/28/2003 1:02:48 PM EDT
So, maybe they can release thousands of pigeons over an area, and the combined droppings from them create an earthquake?  Or maybe they run the fake fish into the shore really fast.... [:D]
Link Posted: 12/28/2003 1:21:21 PM EDT

Beware the nanobots. [peep]

Link Posted: 12/28/2003 1:34:40 PM EDT
Originally Posted By The_Macallan:
Beware the nanobots. [peep]
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Mac, I do hereby declare you a National ARFCOM Treasure. I disagree with your positions more often than not, but your knowledge of topics unknown are amazing sometimes.

I had never heard of a nanobot before (and I watch the news, read at least 1 paper and surf the net daily), but knowing your mad skillz did a quick google. Damn, the implications are indeed scary. Sorry .gov, I know they are for good, to kill infections and such. [;)]

Worst part is you would never know it. Unleashed on you, go straight to the spine or worse.

Beware is good advice. time for us to do a group buy on tinfoil...[b]PAGING SA...[/b]
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