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Posted: 10/24/2016 9:58:10 AM EDT
There a bunch of defeatist who bring up how the polls are correct

Then they move to Romney in a landslide.

What about the exit polls pointing John Kerry in a landslide?

Let me tell you what I'm seeing in Illinois. Both in STL metro and Champaign\Urbana with Bloomington\Normal.

In Alton a town in Madison county Illinois I saw about 20 people planting Hillary signs in yards without permission. It was on a street by its very definition THE HOOD. Every last one of them where white. If it wasn't early morning they wouldn't even be there outside of their car. Most of the signs had disappeared in two days. My wife then saw the same thing a few days later. Within a day or two the signs where again gone. These where not stolen. They where taken down because even though there in the hood they don't like people putting shit in there yard without permission. Why would they even waste their time or money ?

In the latter 2 they are running Hillary ads. More than a couple. Wasted money in a state that should be a shoe in for them. I also see them to a lesser degree in STL metro.

We get all out TV stations from St. Louis. across the river is Madison County. St Louis should be a shoe in out of Missouri . Why waste your money there? Madison County in IL is hardcore Dem run because of the lawsuits there . Its a money maker. Kind of like a down state Chicago without the killings. East St Louis is in neighboring St Clair County. These two counties will almost absurdly go blue.

I'm predicting the rest of the state minus the Cook county area to go Red. Big time. Republican turn out in the Madison county area has historically been low because most believe your vote just didn't count and they are correct. What if it isn't this time?

Reagan won IL both times. I know different times. However there where counties Reagan won with less than 50%. The same counties the Jug eared Messiah lost by 70%. There are still plenty of people around from the Carter era and even more who voted against zero. I believe they are worried about total. If Chicago is lazy enough and downstate enthusiastic enough the total may not work for them.

Will the state go blue. Almost 100% sure it will. It will not be with the massive number they had hoped for. Your wondering why I'm even pointing this out?

Trump will more than likely call them on it in court. Due to the voting machines. What he should start calling George Soros owned machines.

They have to win and make it look legit. What if they don't have a massive win in Illinois? Hard to look legit without that.
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