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Posted: 11/5/2015 9:58:00 AM EST
I ask this because I run frequently over my lunch break and out of necessity I have no choice but to run on sidewalks. On any given day, there are probably five instances or more of a car turning right while only looking left. Zero consideration is given to pedestrians.

Despite having the "right of way,"I have no interest in getting hit by a car and I will generally run behind them unless they look directly at me ahead of time and wave me by. I don't expect people to look for pedestrians even if they should.

I have often wondered, especially given the multitude of Asian insurance scam videos where people throw themselves into cars, how more of that doesn't happen here. I assume getting hit by a car presents a pretty unattractive scenario, even for an FSA scammer type, but it certainly doesn't stop other people in other countries. Maybe they're just crazier or their insurance laws are very different.

So what happens? Has anybody here inadvertently hit a pedestrian?
Link Posted: 11/5/2015 10:08:28 AM EST
Having the "right of way" doesn't mean you don't stop and look both ways before you go through a crosswalk. If you are already crossing, they need to stop. If there is a car coming, you can't just go darting through the crosswalk and expect everyone to slam on their brakes. Yes, I have cited pedestrians for walking out in front of cars.
Link Posted: 11/5/2015 10:12:29 AM EST
Link Posted: 11/5/2015 10:51:11 AM EST
If you're turning right against a RED and hit someone in a crosswalk, yeah, you're gonna pay.
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