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Posted: 1/7/2012 4:34:55 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 1/7/2012 4:35:59 PM EDT by LarryThePirate]
Link Posted: 1/7/2012 4:37:10 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 1/7/2012 4:41:55 PM EDT by Chuy123]
Whole lotta WTF going on there.
Link Posted: 1/7/2012 4:41:55 PM EDT
Wow.. If there had been at least one trained person there he may have survived..
Link Posted: 1/7/2012 4:42:42 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 1/7/2012 4:43:15 PM EDT by Dan_Gray]
coroner's findings "....pt had xiphoid process separated and pushed into his right ventricle..."
Link Posted: 1/7/2012 4:45:23 PM EDT
Link Posted: 1/7/2012 4:46:09 PM EDT
Link Posted: 1/7/2012 4:47:29 PM EDT
Link Posted: 1/7/2012 4:52:01 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 1/7/2012 4:52:26 PM EDT by SARS]
Ring around the rosy, shoulder full of dead kid. Why not run his ass to the hospital instead of going in circles for 7 minutes? WTF were those guys trying to do?
Link Posted: 1/7/2012 4:54:46 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 1/7/2012 4:56:08 PM EDT by balki]
Hey, it worked...

ETA: right around the 6 min mark he is blinking and moving around a bit...
Link Posted: 1/7/2012 4:55:31 PM EDT
....And we are supposed to live in fear of these people???

Link Posted: 1/7/2012 5:03:56 PM EDT
That was the correct procedure back in the 1860's.
Link Posted: 1/7/2012 5:22:32 PM EDT
Originally Posted By BangStick1:
....And we are supposed to live in fear of these people???

Remember this is the same country that uses two sticks to eat rice, and one stick to carry to buckets of shit.

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Link Posted: 1/7/2012 5:37:45 PM EDT

Needs more Benny Hill music.

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