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Posted: 6/15/2009 12:52:44 PM EST
It would basically start out in a Rocky Mountain area city, with the combine occupation in full swing. However, there will be a new combine. It shall roughly be a combination of a Storm Trooper and a SS trooper.(Stahlhelm, jack boots, cool armor.) Slightly larger than the other combine, and a lot stronger. There will be a small rebellion, and as a result a Nazi Storm Trooper thing will be killed. A former professor will see it, and he and a mechanic will turn it into an HEV type suit. Then you, the obvious asocial, lard ass, basement dweller badass motherfucker, will get in the suit, and wreck hell. And so, a chain reaction rebellion shall start. Then the combine will bombard the area with headcrabs, and make sure no one gets out.

I've made the hands/arm model for the player:

I've started work on a 1987 Ford F150:

And I've Finished a USP model:

BTW: Most models/textures/characters(combine, citizens, zombies, et cetera)/sound will be reused. However, all weapons, all suit sounds, and the truck will be custom models, done by me. I am starting this project by myself, and once I get a lot of the models done and textured, I'll be recruiting the help of a concept artist, mapper, scripter, and a bunch of voice actors.
Link Posted: 6/15/2009 3:01:21 PM EST
I used to do a lot of skinning and concept art for BF2 mods. If I can ever figure out how Source handles stuff, I'd love to help. lol
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