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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 2/15/2002 6:19:24 AM EST
....pretty serious about opening a shop here. Our local shop got shut down recently, and he had burnt alot of bridges before that so his buisiness all came from a certain group of people, and he still did a pretty good bit of buisiness. Now, the thing is if I do this it would have to be part time (at least for a while, but I work midnights so I could be open about anytime during the day or upon request if closed. After reading all the posts on what people hate about their shops, I have a good idea of what people dont want to see, and think I could make a good shop. What are the things that everybody wants most in a gunshop?
Link Posted: 2/15/2002 6:25:52 AM EST
Someone just asked this over at thefiringline. It is kind of similar. Here is the [url=http://www.thefiringline.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=101806]Link[/url]
Link Posted: 2/15/2002 6:26:10 AM EST
An infinite selection to be carried home that day, a willing owner to help cover the tracks (from teh wife) and the lowest prices available ( or good terms).
Link Posted: 2/15/2002 6:32:19 AM EST
Link Posted: 2/15/2002 6:33:48 AM EST
just like any other retail establishment. friendly, knowledgable staff. fair prices. hours so i can go at lunch or evenings/saturdays. varied selection, so i'll be back more than once. not much, eh?
Link Posted: 2/15/2002 6:43:13 AM EST
good thoughts, I had already planned on pricing so I would just break even for a while. Mainly I just like the idea of supporting shooting sports and getting people what they need to shoot, hunt, compete etc. Figure if the prices are right, my buisiness will grow and then I can think about making a little money. I really think a solid base of loyal customers would be the biggest asset one could have.
Link Posted: 2/15/2002 6:57:28 AM EST
As far as I am concered RAF hit the proverbial nail. Do take his ideas and apply them... and that very well could be money in the bank. (p.s. - the gunsmith thing is quite important... learned due to finnicky extractors)
Link Posted: 2/15/2002 7:53:34 AM EST
Garheadjr, E-mail me with the answers to a few of these questions: 1. Where are you located in IL? 2. Any interest in becoming a Class 3 dealer? 3. Any interest in having a small shooting range (indoor) in your shop? 4. What kind of relationship (or at least firearms attitude) do the local LEO's have? I have been to Lots of Gunshops here in IL and back in Virginia, and may have some pointers depending on the answers to the questions. AFARR
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