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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 3/2/2002 10:22:42 AM EST
Hey there. I'm going on a hike in a few days,and I was curious as to what I should put in my gear. It will be a day thing,and I won't be bringing large bags or anything.Here is what I'll be using: 1.one camo Henry AR-7 survival rifle .22lr,two magazines 2.one box (50 rounds) or two boxes (100) or high-velocity .22lr 3.woodland BDU jacket/pants,boots,gloves,maybe a hood. 4.OD green "tactical assault vest" with 4 m16 mag pouches,belt,with Ka-Bar,canteen,and a buttpack. 5.Yamaha BearTracker ATV Now,I was thinking about leaving the vest at home,since I am not going to need to front pouches,and I was going to just bring the belt with the buttpack and canteen,kabar attached to it.I would put food and whatnot in the buttpack. What do you normally bring when hiking? am I trying to play "soldier" too much for a simple walk in the woods? Also....here's a really silly question.How loud would the .22lr rifle be? would I need hearing protection? would houses outside the woods hear the shots clearly? I've only shot .223 up until now....I know that's WAY too loud....
Link Posted: 3/2/2002 11:11:23 AM EST
Link Posted: 3/2/2002 11:26:40 AM EST
I'll load extra water on the ATV,but I won't be riding all the way in.I've got all that stuff exept raingear.Getting wet and cold can be serious trouble,I think I'll rig some tarp and poles,I could camp out next to the vehicle if it starts.ATV comes with tools,mainly for the vehicle,wrenches and such,and is a green 4x2 with racks on front and back.Capable,it's been through 1+ foot deep rivers at times,however I won't ride into anything like that unless I have too.I understand .22lr can barely be heard at around 100 meters.Is this true?
Link Posted: 3/2/2002 11:32:52 AM EST
Hiking with an ATV? I'd think you'd do well to take the ten essentials plus the above-mentioned vehicle emergency kit (tools, spare parts as required for basic repairs). I'd use a small daypack, as it is likely to be the most comfortable if you actually have to *walk* anywhere. Don't forget good boots, and whatever your vehicle eats. [:)] Camera? The ten essentials (plus four) include: 1. Map 2. Compass 3. Flashlight / Headlamp 4. Extra Food 5. Extra Clothes 6. Sunglasses 7. First-Aid Kit 8. Pocket Knife 9. Waterproof Matches 10. Firestarter 11. Water / Filter / Bottles 12. Whistle 13. Insect Repellents or Clothing 14. Sunburn Preventatives As to firearms, the Henry should be fun. I'd take at least foam earplugs, even .22 cal. can be painfully loud that close to your face. I take it you're leaving the AR at home? Leave the vest. Know the area, how to get in and out, prepare for the worst, hope for the best. And have fun!!
Link Posted: 3/2/2002 11:45:07 AM EST
Alright! better go get that USGI poncho... There's no map for this area,just Satellite images I've got.Pretty useless,as this forest has a canopy.Railway ties have train traffic every few hours,and have helped me find my way back several times.I know the area "well" but intend to go further in,and around the familiar area.Never saw a predator in there,but I once almost drove over a coiled up viper (it had a wide,flat head,so I guess it's a viper) scared me how it did not run away,just sat there,no noise or anything.Good thing I was not on foot.Armadillos are there too,and man,those things make a TON of noise when looking for food! I thought A T-rex was charging at me but it turned out too be a bunch of little armadillos rolling around in the bushes.I'll leave the vest,but bring the belt.Thanks for your imput!
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