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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 7/16/2002 7:07:29 PM EST
Anybody visited the Beretta factory? Can I buy mags cheap over there? Thanks
Link Posted: 7/16/2002 7:11:17 PM EST
Forget about the mags. Bring back one of those sexy 20 year old Italian womenz.
Link Posted: 7/16/2002 7:11:21 PM EST
Oh yeah Hi-Caps are cheap over there, you go right ahead and buy all you can then bring them back to Kalifornia.[chainsawkill]
Link Posted: 7/16/2002 7:50:15 PM EST
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Originally Posted By Flash66: Forget about the mags. Bring back one of those sexy 20 year old Italian womenz.
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Make that 2! [sex] I'll pay postage Keving67
Link Posted: 7/16/2002 7:59:42 PM EST
Bring me [b]PincoPalla[/b]'s collection. [url]www.printroom.com/pictureSearch.asp?userid=PincoPalla[/url]
Link Posted: 7/16/2002 8:17:08 PM EST
Amadini Ghost Holsters for H&K USP pistols and some Fendi stuff to sell on E-bay.
Link Posted: 7/16/2002 8:20:02 PM EST
Originally Posted By Flash66: Forget about the mags. Bring back one of those sexy 20 year old Italian womenz.
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bring one for me too. the type that likes you nomatter who else your looing at. but she has to be hott!
Link Posted: 7/16/2002 8:23:42 PM EST
Heerza whatta you do, OK? You bringa back the secreta formula for breaking inna the new barrels, capish? You looka for my Cuzzina Vinnie anda my nephew Little Tony. They givva you the secret. You bringa that back.
Link Posted: 7/16/2002 8:26:52 PM EST
Ok gotta do it.... A bus stops and two Italian men get on. They sit down and engage in an animated conversation. The lady sitting behind them ignores them at first, but her attention is galvanized when she hears one of the men say the following: "Emma come first. Den I come. Den two asses come together. I come once-a-more. Two asses, they come together again. I come again and pee twice.  Then I  come one lasta time." "You foul-mouthed swine" retorted the lady indignantly. "In this country we don't talk about our sex lives in public!" "Hey, coola down lady," said the man. "Who talkin' abouta sexa? I'm a justa tellin' my frienda how to spella 'Mississippi'."
Link Posted: 7/16/2002 8:27:48 PM EST
Also bring back a BM-59 rifle or ones of thoese AR-70 while you there.
Link Posted: 7/16/2002 8:59:43 PM EST
Look into getting some very nice tailored suits, slacks/shirts, or custom made shoes. You won't regret it!
Link Posted: 7/16/2002 9:24:45 PM EST
Originally Posted By gardenWeasel: Amadini Ghost Holsters for H&K USP pistols and some Fendi stuff to sell on E-bay.
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Fendi? As in Fendi Perfume? That stuff makes me GAG. I will NOT date a girl who wears it. I made a date take a shower before we went out once. No, Im not an ass...She had forgot that the stuff is poison to me, and offered to take the shower, it was quite innocent. Please do not bring anymore of that whale choad into this country.
Link Posted: 7/16/2002 9:30:18 PM EST
I'll take a HOT Italian woman and anything from PincoPalla's collection as well
Link Posted: 7/16/2002 9:50:26 PM EST
A modern version of this. [img]pweb.netcom.com/~mattja/pics/1b.jpg[/img]
Link Posted: 7/16/2002 10:09:59 PM EST
Originally Posted By mattja: A modern version of this. [img]pweb.netcom.com/~mattja/pics/1b.jpg[/img]
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Like she'd even talk to you. I've known 2 girls who lived in Italy for school, and I've visited them there. No Italian would deign to befriend them. I mean, she never even knew her Italian roomates. Knew their names, and that was it. Italian men would try to dry-hump my friend in the street though..... Italian women are unbelievably hot. The Italian government has a secret breeding program, I am sure of it. The least attractive Italian women you will see is OK by our standards. Italians love dressing to the nines in fashion. They seem to wear a lot of black.
Link Posted: 7/17/2002 12:00:24 AM EST
[Last Edit: 7/17/2002 12:01:31 AM EST by SeaDweller]
BVLGARI tourbillon in white gold. [img]http://www.vintagewatches.net/catalog/images/men/bvlgari/bvlMinAT40GLRM.jpg[/img] Beautiful huh?
Link Posted: 7/17/2002 3:08:44 AM EST
Link Posted: 7/17/2002 3:45:41 AM EST
MMMMMMM, I just love them hairy legged, bushy armpit, Italian women. Put me down for 2 also.
Link Posted: 7/17/2002 4:14:00 AM EST
Bring me one of these. [img]http://www.ferrari.com/ferrari/images/360_modena/780x490/detail_sidetop.jpg[/img]
Link Posted: 7/17/2002 4:18:15 AM EST
For God's sake, watch out for my ex-wife. Stay away from Treviso.
Link Posted: 7/17/2002 4:20:15 AM EST
Bunghole is the only guy to get it right so far ...
Link Posted: 7/17/2002 4:48:44 AM EST
Visit Paolo.
Link Posted: 7/17/2002 5:02:41 AM EST
depends on where you go. venice? blown glass. florence? fine leather goods.
Link Posted: 7/17/2002 5:04:32 AM EST
Aria! [sex]
Link Posted: 7/17/2002 5:36:35 AM EST
Black Truffles Sweet Cappacola Wild Boar Proscuitto Red Wine: Brunello Barolo Cianti Classico
Link Posted: 7/17/2002 5:42:39 AM EST
Originally Posted By dissipator16: Anybody visited the Beretta factory? Can I buy mags cheap over there? Thanks
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I was in Italy back in '94 while in the Navy, and I regretfully was unable to go to the Beretta factory. A number of my fellow officers did, however, and were able to purchase ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS classic shotguns for a fraction of the U.S. cost. All they had to do was clear them through ATF/Customs when they arrived back in the states. We carried them in the small arms lockeer all the way across the Atlantic (our captain was way cool!). The story goes that the guy at the factory had to be, er...., "persuaded" to allow the weapons to leave the factory without some BS Italian government permit or other. No big deal: each guy chipped in $50 (there were like six of them) and the guy turned his back with a smile! I don't know the details of doing it via commercial channels, but I'd be willing to bet you'd still make a pretty penny. As for hi-caps, can I place my order now? I'll take 10 92FS 15-rounders in stainless, please! [:D]
Link Posted: 7/17/2002 5:44:26 AM EST
Bring back some wine. The women I saw in Italy were either very cute or they looked something like Waverunner with long hair.
Link Posted: 7/17/2002 6:14:45 AM EST
In Italy you can buy Beretta 92 mags as much as you can at a price of about 25$ (25 Euro [:D]) in any intalian gun shop. Buying Mags (there are also Mecgar, as good as the original Beretta ones...) does not require any gun permit here. Unfortunately you cannot pass customs with mags. I don't know anything with US Customs, but for sure the Italian Customs will sink you in deep shit, unless you have a preferential channel (diplomatic, military or whatsoever) not subjected to any control when leaving Italy. If you plan to come to Rome, I can tell you good places to buy, as also a visit (if you have the chance) to my range. See ya...
Link Posted: 7/17/2002 6:46:32 AM EST
You betta watchah you hands andah you mouth while you ovuh dher. You be a gooda boy or I'lla sticka dis inna you eyeball... makah us Americans proud, capeesh? [img]http://www.africana.com/images/img0089.jpg[/img]
Link Posted: 7/17/2002 6:59:07 AM EST
Link Posted: 7/18/2002 6:17:25 PM EST
Yo 556, I was too busy with your mom to search through all the names before I picked one for myself.
Link Posted: 7/18/2002 6:23:27 PM EST
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