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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 10/24/2002 5:46:06 AM EST
Gentlemen, I've thought this for a long time, I want an airsoft MP5 since the real ones are banned here in Finland. Does anybody have any experience with these things, especially the Tokyo Marui MP5SD? How does it work? Is it full auto? Can you do any sort of indoor target practise with this 'toy'? Do they feel as real as they look? Any comments welcome. Regards, Petri
Link Posted: 10/24/2002 6:13:56 AM EST
I bought my Tokyo Marui MP5K-PDW last year from [url]http://www.wargameclub.com/WGC_Shop/[/url]. If you need orange paint on your gun to be shipped into Finland, WGC paint comes EASILY off with paint thinner. If I had to do it again, I would get a ICS MP5SD model. Three things I don't like about my PDW. 1: How the stock attaches to the gun seems fragle. I can see the pins breaking the plastic if the stock was hit with enough force. I may be wrong, but I can see it breaking if I fell on it. Thus, a full metal ICS would make me feel better. 2: The 200 round mag I have isn't reliable for me. My 50 and 28 rounders feed great. If you order an ICS it comes with an ICS 200 rounder which I've read is worse then the Tokyo Marui 200 rounder, which is what I have. 3: I bought a silencer to put on my PDW. BB's don't always come out it 100% of the time. I was also misinformed on which one to get, so it doesn't attach to the gun the way I wanted it to. Numbers 1 & 3 shouldn't affect a TM MP5SD though. My PDW is full auto and is fun to shoot, but the novelty has worn away. I live in a dormatory and am not supposed to have guns in it, so I just don't run around with it. When I move out, it should be more fun. My nephew and soon-to-be-newphew are going to love it. I let a guy at work use my AEG, he didn't know it was made of plastic, he thought it was metal because of the detail in the plastic and the close to real gun weight of it. He's not a gun savvy as me, but does have a few so he knows what a real gun looks like. Tokyo Marui are considered the best of the AEGs, especially for a beginner. If you shoot it indoors, you'll have 2 problems. BB's all over the place, seriously ALL OVER THE PLACE and pock marks in your walls/ceilings if you don't shoot at a target, or miss the target. My PDW will put a dent in a soda can, and will shred it on auto with the 50 round magazine. Mine does feel real. I've shot a real MP5-PDW, the real thing is a tad bit heavier with a loaded 30 round mag and it has recoil.
Link Posted: 10/26/2002 12:39:05 AM EST
Thanks for review, My plan is pretty much just to do some indoor CQB training/fun. I know what you're talking about the pellets all over the place. I had similar problems when I did some inhouse shooting with my airpistol. Pellets all over the place...:) Regards, Petri
Link Posted: 10/26/2002 1:04:01 AM EST
Tokyo Marui is considered the best manufacturer. They do have have a selector that allows semi and full auto fire. You cab fire them indoors if you don't mind scattering 6mm pellets throughout you living quarters. The TM airsoft guns have plastic bodies. you can get aftermarket bodies of metal that give a more 'realistic' weight and feel. You can also upgrade the internal components to increase velocity and rate of fire. All in all, if you can't acquire the 'real steel' legally, airsoft is the closest you can get.
Link Posted: 10/26/2002 2:00:45 AM EST
Just a clarification here, select fire MP5s can be accuired(If they can be found) but they are now exhibiting a very hard control on semi-auto MP5s for strange reaspons.
Link Posted: 10/26/2002 2:34:38 AM EST
Originally Posted By Tuukka: Just a clarification here, select fire MP5s can be accuired
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(Here in Finland) That is if you represent the spearhead of practical shooting or you're a good mate of our president, high rank officer or a superman. The thing is that ordinary bloke like me can't get it. It would make no difference if I'd howl at the moon and dance a jig around the Maypole. Regards, Petri
Link Posted: 10/26/2002 4:36:32 AM EST
I played air soft in high school. 10 years later I started playing again as a training / exercise program. (I gained weight after I left the army.) The TM mp5s are ok, but all the mp5s from any manufacturer seam to suck compared to other AEGs. First off the battery compartment usually can only cary the small 8.4 volt cells that run dry after 2 or 3 hours. Even dremelling the thing you usually can't fit the 9.6 volt batterys. Second the high cap mags only hold something like 200. With an AK hi cap holding 700 and an M16 - M4 hi cap holding 400 your going to be out of rounds faster or just weighed down from carrying extra mags. I always wanted an M4 with an M203 attached so I bought a TM M4 with a TM M203. I love it and the only thing I did was dremell out the front hand guards / battery compartment to fit a 9.6 volt battery. The bigger battery increases the rate of fire on auto and increases the range slightly. The 203 comes in handy because of its tri shot ability. Also for close combat games I only use a glock 19 gass gun with 5 extra mags. In CQB games most people use hand guns and not to many people use any thing larger. There are other brands. Tokyo Marui is great but there is also clasic army? What these guys do is sell you the gun with a metal body and the internals are much higher quality. Of course it costs twice as much but if your really into it and plan on upgrading your gun down the road this is the better alternative because all the upgraded parts are all ready in the gun right out of the box. I'm not bashing your choice of weapon. About 15% of the guys out here have or use mp5s on the field. Allmost all of them are TM MP5s. However I think all of them are modified in some way. The most common is the nun-chuck battery adapter where you daisy chain 2 batterys together. The original battery goes inside the housing while the other one is usually taped on the out side. Some guys get creative with this and put the extra battery in a stock magazine pouch or paint the battery black and put it on the front hand guard and make it a fake laser aimer. Warning, if you do this they both must be the exact same batterys. Hawaii is blessed with local airsoft shops and venders. You will run through BBs like mad so order plenty. Don't reuse them because it will damage your hop up. Have fun and buy a full face mask. www.airsofthawaii.com
Link Posted: 10/26/2002 8:52:53 AM EST
Section Leader, Thank you very much for all this info. I need to check up on this Classic Army manufacturer. I'd like to get mine sturdy enough to withstand some outdoor games as well. By the way does somebody know the web site address of this Classic Army? What is the velocity of these BB's? Can you tune these airsoft guns in order to get more punch? Regards, Petri
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