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Posted: 10/17/2004 4:55:56 PM EDT
I sat down this afternoon and watched stolen honor with my wife and parents today. My father was a F-100 pilot in Vietnam. In fact when one of the former POW's was shown at the beginning of the film my father remarked that he was flying CAP for him when the Vietnamese picked him up.

If you live in a market where this film is being shown on TV and if you have any friends or folks who are on the fence YOU need to get them to watch this film. When this was over it was dead silence in my fathers house and I was close to tears. This is a very well done piece and definately has a "news" type aproach in the way it's presented. 60 minutes wishes they could do something this hard hitting.

The interviews with the former POW's are very detailed, when they are taking about how they were torchered they had illustations showing what was done to them. During the show they have footage from the Winter Soldier Hearings and in it you can see the so called "former" vets pulling lies out of the air and reinforcing it with each other. One of the people in this "investigation" says at one point something to the effect of "ah ya, I remember that, thanks for reminding me" When this section of the film was over I turned around to my father and asked had he ever see these clips and he had not. Very damning segment.

This film makes it very clear that the anti war leaders, Fonda, Hayden and Kerry are largely responible for he stigma put on those who served honorably and that it is all based on John Kerry's lies and distortions. The last segment is an interview with MOH recipient George E. "Bud" Day. This is the part that nearly had me in tears. Words can not describe what this man has to say.

There is a reason that the democrats are panicking. There is a reason the democrats don't want you to see this. When this was over all my father said was "this is going to end it for Kerry" This film is DEVASTATING!!!

Like I said at the begining of this thread, if you know anyone who is on the fence or unsure they need to see this. You need to get those people to see this, have a gathering, have them over cook them some grub, hand them a beer and watch any idea that they might vote for Kerry be thrown out the window. This is supposed to run at the end of this week and Sinclair has already stated they are going to run it no matter what. We need to support them and their advertisers.

Link Posted: 10/17/2004 4:57:46 PM EDT
The problem is that it is not playing in every market. For instance, Chicago has no Sinclair stations.
Link Posted: 10/17/2004 4:59:43 PM EDT
Unfortunately Sinclair has no channels in Oregon. This state leans towards Kerry. Not by much, but enough. I'd love for that show to air during prime time here.
Link Posted: 10/17/2004 5:01:47 PM EDT
Do you know what Markets it is being shown in??? I'm in Phoenix
Link Posted: 10/17/2004 5:03:17 PM EDT
I ordered the DVD from the website the other day - I am stationed in Mass. - and while some Western Mass. TV station is supposedly running it - time will tell. My goal is to get friends to watch the DVD before the election - no matter though - because most of my friends are already voting for Bush - the handful that are not are brainwashed idiots - seriously borderline socialist trash who happen to be in the military.
Link Posted: 10/17/2004 5:06:00 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 10/17/2004 5:06:53 PM EDT by spm681]
Below are the markets that Sinclair is in.

Whats very important about the markets in Sinclairs coverage is they are in the major swing states. Florida, Ohio, Wisconcin, Iowa, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Minnesota, and Nevada You are going to see some HUGE movement in polls the last week before the eleciton in Bush's favor.

Link Posted: 10/17/2004 5:08:46 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 10/17/2004 5:10:13 PM EDT by 4get_No1]
and streaming video here:


<EDIT - just part of the whole thing though >
Link Posted: 10/17/2004 5:18:10 PM EDT

Unfortunately Sinclair has no channels in Oregon. This state leans towards Kerry. Not by much, but enough. I'd love for that show to air during prime time here

A new poll by one of your newstations in Oregon has Bush up by 5.

Bush by 5 in Oregon
Link Posted: 10/17/2004 5:20:08 PM EDT

Originally Posted By spm681:

Unfortunately Sinclair has no channels in Oregon. This state leans towards Kerry. Not by much, but enough. I'd love for that show to air during prime time here

A new poll by one of your newstations in Oregon has Bush up by 5.

Bush by 5 in Oregon

Sweet. Maybe we're not so stupid here.
Link Posted: 10/17/2004 5:26:50 PM EDT

Originally Posted By 4get_No1:
and streaming video here:


<EDIT - just part of the whole thing though >

Thanks for the snippet

God save us from Kerry...Btw: This just shows me why the Draft is useless...All Volunteer Army Works
Link Posted: 10/20/2004 4:40:00 PM EDT
Sinclairs local station here in Raleigh NC has "pussed" out. They are now not going to be showing it but are running some show about media bias instead!
Link Posted: 10/20/2004 4:46:18 PM EDT
Tuesday, Oct. 19, 2004 4:33 p.m. EDT
Sinclair to Air Only Portion of 'Stolen Honor' Friday

Sinclair Broadcast Group, Inc. announced today that on Friday, Oct. 22, 2004 at 8:00 p.m. EST certain television stations owned by Sinclair will air a special one-hour news program entitled "A POW Story: Politics, Pressure and the Media."

In order to minimize the interruption of normally scheduled programming in those markets where Sinclair owns and/or programs more than one television station, the news special will be broadcast on only one of those stations.

A complete list of stations airing the program and the times of such broadcasts is at the end of this article.

The news special will focus in part on the use of documentaries and other media to influence voting, which emerged during the 2004 political campaigns, as well as on the content of certain of these documentaries.

The program also will examine the role of the media in filtering the information contained in these documentaries, allegations of media bias by media organizations that ignore or filter legitimate news and the attempts by candidates and other organizations to influence media coverage.

Contrary to numerous inaccurate political and press accounts, the Sinclair stations will not be airing the documentary "Stolen Honor" in its entirety.

At no time did Sinclair ever publicly announce that it intended to do so. In fact, since the controversy began, Sinclair's Web site has prominently displayed the following statement: "The program has not been videotaped and the exact format of this unscripted event has not been finalized. Characterizations regarding the content are premature and are based on ill-informed sources."

While the news special will discuss the allegations surrounding Sen. John Kerry's anti-Vietnam War activities in the early 1970s raised by a number of former POWs in "Stolen Honor," it will do so in the context of the broader discussion outlined above.

The program will be hosted by Jeff Barnd, the Emmy Award-winning co-anchor of Fox 45's 10:00 News, which airs on WBFF-TV, Sinclair's flagship station in Baltimore, Md.

Joe DeFeo, Sinclair's Vice President of News, commented that, "As with all news programming produced by Sinclair's News Central, 'A POW Story' is being produced with the highest journalistic standards and integrity. We have not ceded, and will not in the future cede, control of our news reporting to any outside organization or political group. We are endeavoring, as we do with all of our news coverage, to present both sides of the issues covered in an equal and impartial manner."

In fact, Sinclair has been in private communication with Sen. Kerry's campaign, including a recent face-to-face meeting with senior campaign officials, for approximately two weeks in order to negotiate participation in the special by either Kerry or his designee.

Although the Kerry campaign declined to participate, Sinclair has left the invitation open and will make every effort to accommodate the senator up to the air date for the program should he become willing to present his viewpoint for Sinclair's audience.

David Smith, president and CEO of Sinclair, noted: "The experience of preparing to air this news special has been trying for many of those involved. The company and many of its executives have endured personal attacks of the vilest nature, as well as calls on our advertisers and our viewers to boycott our stations and on our shareholders to sell their stock. In addition, and more shockingly, we have received threats of retribution from a member of Senator John Kerry's campaign and have seen attempts by leading members of Congress to influence the Federal Communications Commission to stop Sinclair from broadcasting this news special. Moreover, these coordinated attacks have occurred without regard to the facts since they predated the broadcast of our news special."

Smith further stated, "We cannot in a free America yield to the misguided attempts by a small but vocal minority to influence behavior and trample on the First Amendment rights of those with whom they might not agree. I have been encouraged, however, by the thousands of e-mails and other messages I, and others, received supporting Sinclair's efforts to hold firm to its ideals in the face of a firestorm of controversy which, ironically, was actually based on misinformation. We also took comfort in the positions of other media organizations which supported our right to present this story notwithstanding any disagreement they may have with the content, as well as in the words of Michael Powell, Chairman of the FCC who refused to block the program, noting that to do so would be 'unconstitutional' and 'an absolute disservice to the First Amendment.'"

Sinclair Broadcast Group, Inc., one of the largest and most diversified television broadcasting companies, owns and operates, programs or provides sales services to 62 television stations in 39 markets. Sinclair's television group includes FOX, WB, ABC, CBS, NBC and UPN affiliates and reaches approximately 24 percent of all U.S. television households.

Market & Stations to Air "A POW Story":

Baltimore WBFF Friday 10/22 8PM
Birmingham WTTO Friday 10/22 7PM
Buffalo WUTV Friday- 10/22 8PM
Cedar Rapids KGAN Friday 10/22 7PM
Champaign, IL WICD Friday 10/22 7PM
Charleston, SC WMMP Friday 10/22 8PM
Charleston, WV WCHS Friday 10/22 8PM
Cincinnati WSTR Friday 10/22 8PM
Columbus WSYX Friday 10/22 8PM
Dayton WKEF Friday 10/22 8PM
Des Moines KDSM Friday 10/22 7PM
Flint WSMH Friday 10/22 8PM
Greensboro WXLV Friday 10/22 8PM
Greenville/Asheville WLOS Friday 10/22 8PM
Kansas City KSMO Friday 10/22 7PM
Las Vegas KVWB Friday 10/22 8PM
Lexington WDKY Friday-10/22 8PM
Madison WMSN Friday-10/22 7PM
Milwaukee WVTV Friday-10/22 7PM
Minneapolis KMWB Friday-10/22 7PM
Nashville WZTV Friday 10/22 7PM
Norfolk WTVZ Friday 10/22 8PM
Oklahoma City KOKH Friday 10/22 7PM
Paducah KBSI Friday 10/22 7PM
Pensacola/Mobile WEAR Friday 10/22 7PM
Peoria WYZZ Friday 10/22 7PM
Pittsburgh WPGH Friday-10/22 8PM
Portland WGME Friday 10/22 8PM
Raleigh WLFL Friday 10/22 8PM
Richmond WRLH Friday-10/22 8PM
Rochester WUHF Friday 10/22 8PM
Sacramento KOVR Friday 10/22 7PM
St. Louis KDNL Friday 10/22 7PM
San Antonio KABB Friday 10/22 7PM
Springfield, MA WGGB Friday 10/22 8PM
Springfield, IL WICS Friday 10/22 7PM
Syracuse WSYT Friday 10/22 8PM
Tallahassee WTWC Friday 10/22 8PM
Tampa WTTA Friday 10/22 8PM
Tri Cities WEMT Friday 10/22 8PM

Link Posted: 10/20/2004 4:51:43 PM EDT
Well I'd like to see the whole damn thing so I can send it to all my friends who are too lazy to vote. Maybe it will light a fire and cause some motivation. If some one has a link to the full story, please put it in this thread. Thanks.
Link Posted: 10/20/2004 4:52:31 PM EDT

Originally Posted By 444slayer:
Richmond WRLH Friday-10/22 8PM

Link Posted: 10/20/2004 5:03:30 PM EDT
No stations out of Fort Wayne, Lima, or Toledo?
Link Posted: 10/20/2004 5:05:29 PM EDT

Originally Posted By livefree:
Sinclairs local station here in Raleigh NC has "pussed" out. They are now not going to be showing it but are running some show about media bias instead!

Well, then BUY IT!

I did.

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