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Posted: 5/11/2002 8:21:31 AM EDT
Last night i took my oath and will now be serving my country for the next 4-5 years. I just finished college and 4 years of ROTC. I am branched Military Police and will be going to my Officer Basic Course in July and my first duty station is Germany. I along with my wife(expecting in October) and child will report to Germany on the 29 of November. My wife is also graduating college too, she goes through the ceremony today. I am excited about Germany except I will have to leave my firearms with my Dad for 3 years. IF anybody knows anything about taking firearms while in the military overseas, i would appreciate any info. Death from Above
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Thanks for the heads up on username, did not even think about that. So the new LT is already needing to be reminded of what he needs to do by the troops.
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Unless things have changed you can take your POWs to the FRG. Check before leaving your iron in the states.
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Hey, now the PFC's will have someone who knows LESS that they do!! Congrats!!
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Good Lord, another butterbar. Just when I got rid of the last one.. (Just kidding) Congratulations! As for the weapons, taking guns to Germany has gotten VERY restrictive. Rod and gun clubs on bases are pretty much gone these days. I run across a lot of GI's that have come down on orders for GE and had to sell everything they own. Check it out throughly first, and have a backup storage plan. Any idea of a unit assignment yet? (If it has anything to do with the 89th, run like the devil is after you.) Hope you get a good Platoon Sergeant, and good luck.
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Congratulations! Leave the firearms at home; it's too much of a hassle to take any with you. If you can, buy an old '60s muscle car, and take that with you. Then, you can show those nazi b*st*rds what a REAL car will do on the autobahn, LOL. Oh, yeah......the road sign you want to look for is a round white sign with 4 slash marks in Black: end of restrictions (to include speed).
Link Posted: 5/11/2002 10:05:57 AM EDT
When I was in Deutsch land in 84-92 you could keep your POW in your off post residence , now i heard from friends still living there ; supposedly you have to keep them in the units arm's room unless your a officer or an E-7 and above . Really sucks from what I heard .
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Congratulations [img]http://www.salug.org/~davidm/images/usa.gif[/img]
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Dont know about taking guns overseas but when I was statioen in Germany we were allowed to have guns and many of us did , the only thing was we had to keep them stored in the Rod and Gun Club. By the way congrats , just make sure you stay away from any ADA unit as alot of MP's stagnate there and basically pull guard duty for there whole time in country.
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MP_LT. good for you just remember not to be a prick to the enlisted man because the only thing that separates you from him is your education. I always hated the damn zero's in the Marines, they thought they were better than us and only because they had went to college, which you will find doesn't amount to much in the real world. Zero's and the enlisted man should act like their on the same team in war and in peace.
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Congrats, Lieutenant! Last time I was in Germany was '75. Used to be that you could list them on your PCS orders and get the Customs form (proof that you had the item prior to leaving the States) filled out prior to leaving. Contact the Transportation Office that is going to ship your stuff and ask what the policy is. Some movers want to write "firearms" all over the box the guns are in (easier to find/steal?). That is a "no go". Good luck to you. LTC, SF (ret)
Link Posted: 5/11/2002 1:56:52 PM EDT
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Originally Posted By poikilotrm: Unless things have changed you can take your POWs to the FRG. Check before leaving your iron in the states.
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I believe things have changed, for Germany and now even Korea. I don't have any official documentation to direct you to, but I'm fairly certain that from at least two years ago, personal firearms were no longer allowed to be shipped. Shipping in HHG's was the real legitimate method. So if that is not allowed, then pretty sure you're not going to bring them with you on the airplane. When I went for my HHG briefing back in November '00 to come here to Korea, the transportation lady mentioned to me how lucky I was since they just restricted POW's to Germany, but not Korea. Now you cannot ship or bring in weapons to Korea either, which means I lucked out big time. You will be told what you can and cannot do in reference to firearms and Germany at your transportation/HHG brief. Chris [i]Edited to add: [BEER] [BOUNCE] CONGRATULATIONS!!!! [BOUNCE] [BEER] to you and your wife on your commissioning, and the baby-to-come!!!![/i]
Link Posted: 5/11/2002 2:28:39 PM EDT
A-ten-hut, Sir, good luck Sir.
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