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Posted: 3/6/2002 3:09:38 AM EDT
Not too long ago, a British journalist I see at events about once a year came over to this side of the pond for a business trip and brought over two of his mates. As they're great guys, I offered to let them stay at my place to cut down on expenses and to show them around. To make a long story short, since they'd expressed interest, after dinner the first night, I took them to the local indoor range. We rented a lane and a little Ruger .22 pistol, bought some ammo and targets, and I gave them a quick safety/instructional lesson. Unfortunately, we only had a half hour before the place closed, but they loved it. So, the next day, before they had to leave, I said, "Hey, if you'd like, we could go back and shoot some bigger guns." They jumped at the opportunity so I took my 1911-clone and scoped 10/22 squirrel rifle along to the range. They couldn't believe how much more the .45 kicked. The looks on their faces when each guy shot it for the first time was priceless. But they had a great time and learned that shooting accurately isn't easy. Plus, "gangsta" style doesn't cut it, unlike in the movies. Suffice it to say, I think the experience helped change the perception of guns and the shooting sports for at least these three Brits. And no, I'm not looking for applause; just wanted to relate something upbeat. [:)]
Link Posted: 3/6/2002 3:58:40 AM EDT
Great job! Unfortunately, they'll probably never be able to own a firearm due to restrictive British laws. Gun Control Works![V]
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