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Posted: 10/6/2004 2:43:37 PM EDT
And The Three Stooges at that!


Somebody coil a doctor!


SORE Shelly Neale was rescued by firemen after her buttock got impaled on a BED SPRING.

The mum, 24, spent three hours in agony after the six-inch coil speared her as she wriggled to get comfy.

Her son Ewen, three, heard her cries in the night — but took an HOUR to find her mobile phone. She discovered the battery was flat and he then had to hunt for a charger.

Shelly finally summoned her dad Stephen, 15 miles away. But the spring had twisted through her left cheek and out again.

He couldn’t free his 12½st daughter and rang paramedics. They in turn called firemen, who spent half an hour prising her off at Outwell, Norfolk.

Shelly said: “I only had my white nightie on and it was a bit embarrassing. I just had to grin and bear it.”

She added: “I was in excruciating pain but didn’t want to alarm Ewen. I knew my mobile was on the desk downstairs but Ewen couldn’t find it at first.

“Instead he came up and gave me a glass of water and said, ‘Here you are mummy — this will make you feel better’.”

Shelly, who did not need hospital treatment, went on: “I felt a real fool with all the fuss I caused. I was helpless with one fireman holding my legs and another’s hands under my arms.

“When they lifted me I got a shooting pain. But once that stopped I felt even more stupid. Everyone took the mickey.”
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