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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 11/24/2003 4:57:42 AM EST
I'm driving I-10 through Texas this week.

I need THE ABSOLUTE BEST BBQ Brisket and Tex-Mex food that Texas has to offer.

Link Posted: 11/24/2003 12:22:32 PM EST
HAve you posted this in the texas hometown forums? TXL
Link Posted: 11/24/2003 12:25:51 PM EST
Link Posted: 11/24/2003 12:40:05 PM EST
[Last Edit: 11/24/2003 5:52:40 PM EST by ep_shooter]
You will have to detour south a little bit, but try the Swinging Door in Richmond (on Hwy 359 just north of Richmond). Great BBQ! Call ahead (if you decide to try it). I think they will be closed Thanksgiving day. The Goode Company BBQ in west Houston (off I-10, just after the 610 Loop if your going west; I don't remember the exit but it may be right after Bingle..next door to Carter's Country). Not as good as the SWD but it's still good. Have a happy Thanksgiving! [beer]
Link Posted: 11/24/2003 1:01:43 PM EST
I'm not sure about Tex - Mex, but for BBQ off I-10, by far the best is in Luling. Come into town (maybe 5 miles) and turn right on 183, cross the tracks and immediately look to the left for the "City Market". Best BBQ for miles and miles. By the way, I ain't no "lightweight" and can speak from experience.---savage1
Link Posted: 11/24/2003 1:56:50 PM EST
[Last Edit: 11/24/2003 5:53:58 PM EST by ep_shooter]
If you're after Tex-Mex, personally I don't think any are better than Pappasito's Cantina (713.468.1913). Great food. There is one off I-10 just before Beltway 8 in west Houston. Address is 10409 Katy Freeway (=I-10). The address for Goode Company BBQ (713-464-1901) is 8911 Katy Freeway. I don't think you could go wrong with either of these restuarants although Goode Company is sometimes hit or miss. The Swinging Door is probably better but farther out of your way since it's in Richmond, 20 minutes south of I-10. But if you're in the mood for a nice juicy steak, try the Taste of Texas, at 10505 Katy Freeway. Great steaks! But be sure to bring plenty of $$$, if you know what I mean. If you get hungry before you get to Houston, there is a fine Caujan resturant in Lafayette, La. called PreJean's. It's on the north side of town about 5 minutes up I-49, I believe, at 3480 I-49 North ((337) 896-3247). Texas is a big state and it's a long way to El Paso with many wide open spaces in between. How far are you planning on going? Reviews: http://www.b4-u-eat.com/houston/restaurants/reviews/rsv0363.asp http://www.b4-u-eat.com/houston/restaurants/reviews/rsv1235.asp
Link Posted: 11/24/2003 2:33:22 PM EST
the luling city market was featured in texas monthly magazine a few months back............ best around these parts is cotten's but that'd be waaay out of your way (it was featured in texas monthly a few years back too)
Link Posted: 11/24/2003 2:48:55 PM EST
State Line BBQ just west of el paso. Outstanding BBQ, went there recently. Great home made bread and served in Texas traditional style.
Link Posted: 11/24/2003 2:58:24 PM EST
About 15 miles north of Pappasitos is Rudy's BBQ- 'worst BBQ in Texas'.. I could drink thir bbq sauce right from the bottle!!!! make sure you check them out.. Don't eat at Bill Miller BBq- the chain....
Link Posted: 11/24/2003 3:55:06 PM EST
I'll have to 2nd Goodes at roughly the Campbell exit in Houston located on the South side of the freeway.. Carter country Guns are in the same parking area.. a nice treat// 2 for one! Also about 70 miles west of Houston on I-10.. Exit Weimar... there an Exxon station on the corner called the Wildcat express. There's a BBQ place called Skull creek BBQ that is part of the building that has the biggest and best BBQ/baked potato I've ever tasted.. the meat is extra lean.. So if your worried about eating fatty foods.... The sauce makes up for it though.. [:)]
Link Posted: 11/24/2003 5:24:27 PM EST
I 2nd Rudy's. Their creamed corn is awesome.
Link Posted: 11/24/2003 5:33:32 PM EST
Link Posted: 11/24/2003 5:47:41 PM EST
When you get to El Paso/Las Cruces area go for the chile rellenos. (All the necessary food groups, chiles, eggs, cheese and grease.) New Mexico style carne adovado is a real treat for the taste buds. Pork shoulder stewed in red chile paste, hot enough to almost blow your head off, but not quite too hot to lose the flavors. Chile Verde - Pork and green chiles, no beans, no beef, nothing red. Several good places in Las Cruces and Mesilla.
Link Posted: 11/24/2003 7:16:20 PM EST
Dammit, it's 11:00 PM and I'm hungry for ribs now that I've read this and thought about it. Goode's in Houston is well worth stopping for, and don't pass up their special jalapeno/cheese bread if you go.
Link Posted: 11/24/2003 7:22:59 PM EST
If you're willing to detour a little bit up I-35, [b]The Salt Lick[/b] in Driftwood (just outside Austin) has some great Bar-B-Q. Also, [b]Cooper's[/b] in Llano is pretty tasty... Personally, I find [b]Rudy's[/b] to be a tad on the inconsistent side – sometimes it's good; sometimes it's pretty tasteless. OTOH, [b]Grady's[/b] seems to deliver the real goods most of the time.
Link Posted: 11/24/2003 7:43:45 PM EST
Originally Posted By ep_shooter: If you're after Tex-Mex, personally I don't think any are better than Pappasito's Cantina (713.468.1913). Great food. There is one off I-10 just before Beltway 8 in west Houston. Address is 10409 Katy Freeway (=I-10). The address for Goode Company BBQ (713-464-1901) is 8911 Katy Freeway.
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Amen on the Pappasito's, get the Del Mar.
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