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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 1/8/2002 8:53:01 AM EST
There is a job I want to apply for and it asks for salary requirements. Should I include my salary requirements on the cover letter or a letter specifically for salary? Also, how should it be worded? Sorry guys, but I am clueless about this kind of stuff. I've never been without a job and it sucks when you HAVE to find one. One more question, In what format should I e-mail my resume? Is PDF generally acceptable or should it just be a text file?
Link Posted: 1/8/2002 9:00:17 AM EST
Bunghole, Send a nice cover letter and include the salary expected in the cover letter. I would use MS word rather than PDF unless they specify a format. Email me (see profile) and I can send you a pretty good cover letter for an experienced I.T. Manager as an example. Good luck
Link Posted: 1/8/2002 9:08:00 AM EST
My experience is to say "open" or "I'd like to discuss that in person". Here is why: on the one hand, if you throw out a number that is too high, they won't even look at your resume. On the other hand, if you throw out a number that is lower than what they are expecting to pay...then you left money on the table. Either situation is not good. My opinion is that you shouldn't discuss salary until AFTER the first interview. Your goal should be to get as many interviews as possible...even if you don't think you'd like working at that company. You might be surprised, and if you aren't, then consider it practice. Once you've found a company that wants you that you want to work for...THEN it's time to talk about cash. Good luck.
Link Posted: 1/8/2002 9:16:52 AM EST
Many headhunters tell you that you can no longer just say open or discuss that in person. If they are asking for a requirment you pretty much have to give one. Most employers these days will just push your resume aside if you don't give them the requirments. The reason for the salary requirements is so that if you do want way too much money they didn't waste your time or theirs on 3 sometimes 4 interviews. I do agree that you can really screw yourself but just what the word means it is REQUIRED. As to where to put it I agree with Coz put in in the cover letter
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