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Posted: 11/13/2001 2:01:55 PM EDT
I am trying to hook up my dvd player to an NEC projector with s-video. I select s-video and I get a rolling garbled image. I just tested it with a 32 inch tv using the same player and cable and it works. Please help!
Link Posted: 11/13/2001 2:07:00 PM EDT
Have you tried stepping down the resolution on the projector menu? If so, or if you cannot adjust it...how about passing the signal through the TV and use an out put on the tv to feed the projector, just for shit's and giggles.
Link Posted: 11/13/2001 2:09:55 PM EDT
It won;t let me choose the resolution when using an s-video connection. I also tried composite video but nothing at all with this.
Link Posted: 11/13/2001 2:33:17 PM EDT
Hmmm Shit.
Link Posted: 11/13/2001 8:14:57 PM EDT
CGN, 1 are you sure that your s-video cable is good? 2 are you sure that the dvd player (source) is out-putting a signal from the s-video jack? 3 (most likely) are you sure that the projector ready to display an image from the s-video (Y/C) input? You may have to select that input for display. You may have tell the projector to display at a non-PC resolution and frame rate. You may have to cycle the projector off/on or un-plug it from AC power for a few minutes, then power it on while already feeding it the s-video signal...it could auto-detect the signal at start-up. 4 you could try to send it NTSC (standard composite video) and see if it will display that good luck, Pepper
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