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Posted: 5/12/2004 7:15:45 AM EST
[Last Edit: 5/12/2004 7:16:17 AM EST by Zaphod]
I'm trying to link my Outlook 2003 to my HotMail account, but I keep getting this stupid error message wwhenever I try to send and receive:

Task 'XXXXXXXXX@HotMail.com: Folder:Inbox Synchronizing headers.' reported error (0x80004005) : 'Outlook's request to the server failed.
The server responded ''. '

Where XXXXXXXX is my address.


As usual, Microsoft is infinitely NON-helpful.

It was working fine until I was forced to reinstall my entire OS (XP Pro) and everything else. I had done a full reinstall before, and it was working. Now it isn't.

Link Posted: 5/12/2004 7:24:00 AM EST
Here are the official steps to get your Hotmail. Try re-doing the Outlook setup. If this doesn't work, post here and I'll take another look. There are some other fixes that have to do with Notification and script blocking, but try this first:

On the Tools menu, click E-mail Accounts.
Click Add a new e-mail account, and then click Next.
Click HTTP, and then click Next.
Under User Information, do the following:
In the Your Name box, type your full name the way you want it to appear to other people.
In the E-mail Address box, type your MSN account name, followed by @msn.com or @hotmail.com.
Under Server Information, in the HTTP Mail Service Provider box, click MSN or Hotmail.
Note The HTTP Mail Service Provider setting automatically switches to MSN or Hotmail if an e-mail address ending with @msn.com or @hotmail.com is entered in step 4.

The Server URL for MSN or MSN Hotmail is automatically set.

Under Logon Information, do the following:
In the User Name box, type your e-mail address, including @msn.com or @hotmail.com.
In the Password box, type your password.
Select the Remember password check box.
Note You have the option to have Outlook remember your password by typing it in the Password box and selecting the Remember password check box. Having Outlook remember your password means that you won't have to type your password each time you access the account; however, it also means that the account is vulnerable to anyone who has access to your computer. Use strong passwords that combine upper- and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. Weak passwords don't mix these elements. Strong password: Y6dh!et5. Weak password: House27. Use a strong password that you can remember so that you don't have to write it down.

Click Finish.
Note Do not select the Log on using Secure Password Authentication (SPA) check box.

Link Posted: 5/12/2004 10:03:30 AM EST
[Last Edit: 5/12/2004 10:04:54 AM EST by Zaphod]
I've done all that multiple times. No dice.

During my first installation, that worked perfectly. In this installation it doesn't work at all.

Just for the sake of being sure, I'm going to quadruple-check my password, Do you think I need to reinstall Outlook?


Thanks, man!

ETA: It's not the password. I can log onto Hotmail's website just fine...
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