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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 1/27/2002 6:10:20 PM EST
Ok here it goes. I live way out in the country of NC, in Gods country I call it. Its a good half hour to any real stores and I have few neighbors. I have 11 acres its not the most, but well secluded. The problem is I have one neighbor you is a liberal jerk! 2 times in the past few months he has called the law on me for shooting, but today was it for me. Today a few of my friends and myself was doing some shooting down in my bottom land near the creek, its a great spot with a hill from hell behind it to shield any traveling bullets. We as I thought from the dog barking 2 deputy Sherrifs showed up, while my wife was trying to take a shower, one went to theback sliding glass door and the other decided he would just help himself on down where we was at.Well I met him behind my house before he got any further. He asked what I was shooting and I showed him my AR, he looked at it very closely and said we heard automatic weapons fire, I said nope you didn't, I pointed to finger and said you heard a quick finger and he responded well do you have a 3 shot burst and I said NO! So we proceeded down the creek where he inspected everyone's weapons trying in all his might to find a illegal. He pointed to the SKS and told my friend son the only thing stopping you from going to jail is its a preban (because it had a folding stock). He then looked at my other friends AR and tried to break it down to look at the internals, and then he pointed to the Muzzle Break saying it was a flash hider, he was strongly corrected and was told it was a legal muzzle break. Now here is the funny one!!>> He then again picked up the SKS and pointed to the take down pin that holds the dust cover on over the bolt and spring and asked my fiend several times if it works>> while the whole time im thinking what in the hell is this guy up to, He acted as if he was trying to get somebody to admit to something false, finally I stepped in and said why what is wrong with it? He said it was a full auto selector, I then got a little heated and said Sir now you are wrong and we argued until we had to break the SKS and show him it was a take down pin. Plain and simple he was wanted to take someone to jail and couldn't. I then asked him who called and of course he wouldn't tell me. I asked him if he would visit that person and explain that it is supposed to be a free country, second amendment rights, how where I live is no noise ordnances and it out in the country and its in county not city limits. I pulled one Deputy to the side and he was a nice guy he apologized for his coworkers attitude and said as far as he is concerned Im ok and doing nothing wrong but the other was a in my Book overstepping his bounds! Now my question is what are my rights? Can they just help themselves down deep into my property and start picking up guns and do as they wish? What if I put a gate up at the end of my driveway (which is over 700 ft long) and put no trespassing signs up, so if they are called again , well at least they will halve all together a 3rd of a mile walk>LOL! I really need to no my rights, can they do what they did today? Don't I have rights of privacy? Listen Im a law binding,registered voter. Im not trying to start a Ruby Ridge (which I think was not right to have happen) but regardless I need to nip this now. im thinking of making a appointment with the Sherrif. Thanks Ahead
Link Posted: 1/28/2002 4:07:20 AM EST
Link Posted: 1/28/2002 6:07:01 AM EST
Im in Yadkin. Well thats why I posted here, because most COP's are not like this guy. I do Civil War Reenacting and the unit im in is about 35 -40% are Cops. We shoot the shit at night sit around the fire and talk politics and I can tell you this much, my brothers in Reenacting would have never been the way this guy was and even if one of us had a illegal part they probaly would have turned a cheek to it.
Link Posted: 1/28/2002 8:38:59 AM EST
hmmmmm...interesting situation. i was at a time quite paranoid about the prospect of something like that happening to me...until... this might be lengthy, but might help. i'm from michigan, and once a year my buddy & i go on our annual trip we like to humoroulsy call our "dude, we're so going to jail trip!". this is where we drive 10 hours to upper michigan with the car loaded with about 3000 rnds, flare & smoke rnds, 3 AR's, a couple of HK's (91 & 93), FN's, 45's, & M1's (obviously all pre-ban). we also have steel pots flack vests, 2 way radios, alice packs & the like. (yea, i know, but we really get into it!). it's a good time up there. keep in mind i'm a stickler for firearm edicate, and make damn sure everything is properly stored/transported, but could you imagine getting stopped, or have some officers visit us while we're shooting with all that crap!?!? yikes!!! with that in mind & now that you know we share/enjoy simular shooting surroundings in a now somewhat gun paranoid world-do you really need to to know all the details of your rights regarding this? it would be nice, but not really. to avoid a situation where you get inspected-prior to going on these trips i called not only the state police, but i also called the DNR, and county sheriff. i told them what i had, what kind of shooting we were doing, and most importantly i got names of these people i talked to. which i thought would come in handy since they all informed me i was in the clear. i also keep copies of the receipts of these guns on hand that have the serial #'s and say "pre-ban" on them as a back up. it's a simple matter of cover your ass. that's probably gonna cause you less grief than actually knowing all your rights because a few of officers aren't clear on the details themselves. plus the officers i called were actually quite thankful i was concerned and were very helpful. maybe if you gave a heads up to the sheriff's dept. when you plan let loose, they'd be able to tell your al gore-like neighbor to relax & go back to watching rosie when he or she called to bitch. on a side note. i feel a little more at ease about it since i'm with a PD now, plus my buddy who goes with me is going to the academy for the detroit PD. maybe call your foe for a truce by inviting him to shoot, maybe it'll give him an education. also let him know that you cleared it with the sheriff's dept. and if he don't like it he can just go pound sand, and move to canada. curious: did the officers check the serial #'s to see if they were stolen? i would've been more concerned about than that than debating over a muzle break... hope that helps
Link Posted: 1/28/2002 8:55:39 AM EST
Do you know for certain that the neighbor in question is the source of the PD calls?
Originally posted by thecleaner: [b]maybe call your foe for a truce by inviting him to shoot, maybe it'll give him an education.[/b]
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This is the best piece of advice you could receive. What's the worst thing that happens? Your neighbor turns you down. Best thing? Neighbor gets some education, stops calling the PD, maybe your opinion changes of him/her and he/she brings ammo the next time. This is a neighbor relations issue, not necessarily just a pro-gun - anti-gun issue. We all know left-wing liberal Rosie whackos, but if we all work at a little, maybe they can be brought over from the dark side. Good luck.
Link Posted: 1/28/2002 9:06:47 AM EST
And if your neighbor can't be brought over from the Dark Side despite diplomatic attempts to invite him to join in on the fun, then...screw him. Learn to bump-fire, load up with thousands of rounds, get a beater upper, and piss your neighbor off (all perfectly legally, of course) to no end until he gives up and moves out. I'd shoot MORE. No neighbor will EVER be permitted to interfere with my legal right to enjoy myself. Heck, if I were you, I'd make serious effort to befriend a few of the local deputies, especially those who enjoy shooting, and get some of them to join in on your shooting parties. That'd be great news for your neighbor! CJ
Link Posted: 1/28/2002 1:42:05 PM EST
cmj, Wrong. You would be more likely be pissing off the deputies by harrassing your neighbor with more shooting. They would have to deal with every complaint and YOU would be the one creating the work.
Link Posted: 1/28/2002 1:48:31 PM EST
Link Posted: 1/28/2002 2:35:41 PM EST
Sounds to me like your neighbor probably told them there was automatic fire going on. I had a similar neighbor a long time ago b/f I was in LE. Every time LEOs arrived, I RESPECTFULLY made it clear that I understood the law, was firing safely and that I did not appreciate having my legal recreational activity disturbed. Eventually they stopped comming.
Link Posted: 1/28/2002 3:42:10 PM EST
[Last Edit: 1/28/2002 3:45:19 PM EST by JEBSGHOST]
Well I left out today to talk to the Sheriff here in Yadkin. Had a appointment at 2. Went in and shook his hand and had a long talk. In a nutshell im in the right, but my ahole neighbor calls 911 so they have to send someone out. The Sheriff himself knows this is a mess and he know the history of it, all and all im in the right. As far as the officer not knowing his weapons and the laws, he said he would talk to the officer. As far as my neighbor well he calls alot so I guess harrisment charges is going to be a alternative. Something I am going to do I to put a Flag at the end of my driveway with a nice made up sign by a local artist that say "Please exuse the noise, its the sound of Freedom!" and on each side a AR-15.Maybe done on a flag backdrop. All this done on nice wooden rustic fence type post. That way the ahole would have to see it everyday. As far as myself and the Sheriff and my other neighbors we all see eye to eye that im in the right.
Link Posted: 1/28/2002 3:49:27 PM EST
Oh PS please understand he will not convert my neighbor that is. I have talked to him till im blue in the face. Everyone around here knows he is a fruit. Also yes he is one making complaints, I was told this today.
Link Posted: 1/28/2002 5:02:52 PM EST
Sounds like your mission is clear. Don't let him stop you from doing as you please in a legal manner. Attempt to make peace (at least a token effort) but don't bow to his wishes. As I said before, if you can add a few deputies (or maybe even the Sheriff himself!) to your shooting parties, that'd be quite a pleasant thorn to stick in your neigbor's...[moon]...! Reason with those who can be reasoned with. Ignore those who can't. After all, you're in the right and everybody who matters knows that. CJ
Link Posted: 1/29/2002 6:13:39 AM EST
ya know, i was thinking for a bit and thought; 'man, that sucks this guy has to deal with such a liberal turd smacker for a neighbor, sucks to be in that situation!' but then i said wait a minute....you're lucky as all hell! here's why: you get to shoot out doors when ever you want, and most importantly you get to do it while totally pissing off an anti-gunner...that's beautiful!! and it's justice well served! think about it, how many times do we have to see/ put up with liberals, hollywood, or the media totally pissing us off and we can't do a damn thing about it? it's frustrating. i mean, JEBGHOST'S situation is a perfect example of just much the "pro-gun & anti-gun" thing is a growing cultural war. with that mind set, i myself go outta my way on a daily basis to first educate people if i can, and if i can't,...i at least try to get a rise from those whiny turds as much as possible. folks, JEB is presented with a unique opportunity to turn the tables. he said he tried talking to him and it didn't work. so now all he (JEB) can do is just enjoy the bejesus out of pissing this guy off while blowing stuff up. i'm actually a little jealous... and JEB, you're right, it is the sound of freedom.
Link Posted: 1/29/2002 8:17:04 AM EST
Yea I live in a great place, but now im always worried if the wrong LEO is going to come here like that guy the other day. Plain and simple he didnt know squawt about guns, not enough to be looking for legal and nonlegal. All it takes is one time of a mistake on his part and it will be hell for me to clear that. Besides why was he being such a hardass anyway? I mean looking at muzzle breaks and etc,baynet lugs and etc. I know most cop friends I have in reenacting would have never been that way, hell most hate the gun laws.The ones I know. So what im saying is I feel unjustly wronged and my rights violated!
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