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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 12/31/2005 8:15:31 PM EST
it smells like victory.

Every year the city, police, and fire department says that they are really going to crack down on people popping fireworks inside the city limits. Every year it seems that more and more people are decide to pop them inside the city anyways.

Happy New Year.
Link Posted: 12/31/2005 8:20:15 PM EST
They should elliminate the law altogether.
Link Posted: 12/31/2005 8:21:28 PM EST
Link Posted: 12/31/2005 8:21:48 PM EST
On July 4th, we don't even respond to fireworks calls.
Link Posted: 12/31/2005 8:26:09 PM EST
I wish the police around here were so lax, at least concerning us.

Last year somebody set off a $3,600 display he got from Pennsylvania, right down the street from us, during the 4th, lasted over an hour, smoke filling the air, rockets, roman candles, firecrackers, all this banned shit. Everybody's standing around clapping. Nothing happens. Police even passed by in their cruisers a couple times.

The one year we set off a couple of firecrackers we smuggled back from Baton Rouge, we get written up with a ticket.

I remember a few years ago, for new years' in Baton Rouge, we had a great display. We got what looked like it would launch several hundred small roman candle charges.

It launched seven 2" mortar shells, small versions of what you'd see at a pro display. It was beautiful.

Damn VA laws.
Link Posted: 12/31/2005 8:26:33 PM EST

Originally Posted By Gloftoe:
Hell, I'm GLAD I don't hear/smell any right now. It's a fucking tinderbox outside.

Its nice and moist outside here, I think most of the extra boasting by officials about how fireworks are bad is just a knee jerk reaction about whats going on in that part of Texas.

I remember reading something about how some people wanted Perry to somehow ban fireworks all thoughout Texas because of the wildfires fear. IMO thats just stupid fearmongering, conditionals all throughout the state arent all the same.
Link Posted: 12/31/2005 8:36:10 PM EST
I wish we had fireworks here but im to poor to drive to new mexico and buy some.
Link Posted: 12/31/2005 8:55:27 PM EST
Link Posted: 12/31/2005 9:03:27 PM EST

Originally Posted By Gloftoe:

Originally Posted By cyrax777:
I wish we had fireworks here but im to poor to drive to new mexico and buy some.

No fireworks in AZ?

nope some stupid law passed in 1951 were like one of 3 states that tottaly outlaw fireworks.

of course the irony is tracers,incindernory ammo, thermite etc are all legal just no fireworks.
Link Posted: 12/31/2005 9:05:37 PM EST
I pop off the shit I save from the 4th, its legal.
Link Posted: 12/31/2005 9:33:27 PM EST
I could smell it just fine, but I couldn't see fireworks AT ALL.

This huge blanket of fog fell right over San Antonio about an hour before midnight to the point that you couldn't even see the Tower. On the way there, though, I could smell and hear the fireworks coming from random people's yards.
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