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Posted: 8/31/2004 6:09:34 AM EDT
Well the rope has finally ran out on four of my guy's and man did I put the fucking hammer down, so each one of them will be getting thier Article 15's as soon as I finish up the paper work, one is for lying to an NCO, the second is for failure to repoert and leaveing his guard post with out being properly releived, the thrid is for mailiengering and the fourth is for disrespect to a Commisioned Officer and a NCO, all of these guy's were giving to me from some of the other PLT's and they were all warned about thier history of being dumb ass's but they wouldn't listen I finally got five negative counseling statement's on each, I decided to go to five instead of three that way I had more stuff to prove to the commander about thier history, I got them all done and coulnseled each one and showed the PL and he backed me up 100% we went to the commander and and all he said was get the paper work done and get it to him, so like I said earlier I am almost finished and I can tell you they will all get maxed out, and the more I think about it it feed's the flames of me decideing to get out of the military and find somehting else to do.
Link Posted: 8/31/2004 7:03:45 AM EDT
Sounds like you have a Good Start on the Next Dirty Dozen Too bad you cant put them on a Shit Burning Detail
Link Posted: 8/31/2004 11:26:47 AM EDT
those are "leadership challenges" not shit birds ;-)
Link Posted: 8/31/2004 12:36:08 PM EDT
Link Posted: 8/31/2004 4:52:10 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 8/31/2004 4:54:09 PM EDT by Ghost-1]

those are "leadership challenges" not shit birds ;-)

Leadership challanges my ass these guy's are SHIT BIRDS and man they are trying to kiss my ass now, I told all of them I didn't care what they did they kept screwing around and thinking I was one of the weak ass NCO's we have in the company they found out that I am not.
Link Posted: 8/31/2004 4:54:28 PM EDT
I often say allot of the problems we have in the military could be solved if we were given 1 free round a quarter.
Link Posted: 9/1/2004 3:50:42 PM EDT
Time to lay the scunion! Smoke them till their eyelids bleed...
Link Posted: 9/1/2004 6:51:00 PM EDT
I tried something like this with one of my "problem childern". It turns out that he has friends in high places and the report chit was tossed out. This guy is a real dirt bag. Coming in late ( sometimes as much as 4 hours, and with alcohol on his breath). I've tried everything including trying to refer him to the alcohol treatment, but each time the report vanishes. I've written him up 24 times now and only one actually made it to his record. Worst part is we had a guy just like him transfer recently and soon after he was busted from E5 down to E2 after going to Captian's mast four times and finally kicked out. My COC thinks it's easier to look away and keep out of the lime light.
Luckily I transfer soon and won't have to deal with him or my junior guys that are quickly learning his bad habits.
Link Posted: 9/1/2004 6:58:02 PM EDT
Try this scenario on for size....

Company is equipped with one 5-ton dump per squad. (4 line squads per platoon, 3 line platoons).

Company is informed that they will task-reorganize as a mech unit via receiving M113A1 APCs as replacements for the dumps. The gravy is the Company can keep the dumps!

Company forms a "special" squad in HQ platoon for all the dumps (12). Commander pins hard strips on an E-4 and makes him squad leader for this "special" squad. Commander orders Platoon Daddies to hand over a driver for all the dumps they're giving up.


Link Posted: 9/2/2004 12:04:49 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 9/2/2004 12:14:55 AM EDT by OEF_VET]
Ahhhh, shit-birds and UCMJ in today's Army. Let me tell ya a story about a shit-bird, UCMJ and a worthless West Point grad.

There I was, 3/320 FA, 101st ABN DIV (AASLT), summer of 2001. I was an E-5 on a FIST team (FIre Support Team). Well, the section chief is at Ft. Sill for BNCOC, leaving me in charge, with a still wet behind the ears 2LT as the FSO. For the first week, I'm still tasked out for a detail, so I'm not even there to run the team day-to-day.

We had a young soldier who had just returned from Korea, less than 6 months before. He comes up hot on a piss test for marijuana. When one of the other NCO's in the platoon counsels him, he supposedly admits to using both marijuana and cocaine on a frequent basis with his wife and her friends. Ok, the soldier recieves a Field Grade and is refered to ADAPCP for rehab. He gets 45 & 45, busted from E-3 to E-1, loss of 1/2 month's pay for 2 months AND the commander orders him to move into the barracks for the duration of his punishment.

Fast forward about 38 days. It's a four day weekend. The BDE is on black-cycle, meaning our platoon is subject to a four hour recall. I have CQ on Saturday. For a totally benign reason, I have to speak to this soldier at about 0700. I go to his room and knock on the door, no answer. He's supposed to be at BN at 0800 for extra-duty. I tried calling his cell phone, but got no answer. At 0800, I go to BN staff duty and ask the SDNCO if the PVT had shown up. SDNCO says no, and the previous nights' SDNCO says he didn't show up on Friday either. All weekend, I keep trying this guys cell, to no avail. Finally, on Monday evening, he comes strolling in like nothing's wrong. Tuesday after PT, I sit him down and counsel him. I asked why he didn't show up for ED. He says he thought he was done. Bullshit. Every soldier who has ever recieved ED knows the exact date he gets done. So, I write him up for being AWOL, breaking restriction, disobeying a lawful order (CDR's order re: 4 hour recall), ad disrespect towards an NCO (attitude and actions during counselling session). I then go to the PLT SGT and recommend an Article 15. PSG says take it to 1SG, which I do. 1SG says he wants to see the troop immediately. I bring the PVT down to Top's office, where PVT Low-speed gives the 1SG a sob story about not getting along with wife ever since the Article 15. Now, during my counselling session, the soldier never mentions any of this and I counsel him on his responsibilities towards his wife and son and how his actions have results that affect them. 1SG decides not to push for an Article 15 (Technically, only the CDR can decide not to give a soldier NJP.). Instead, 1SG sends the soldier to see the Chaplain.

Thursday, the 1SG tells me to bring this same soldier and another soldier from the section to his office. Apparently, the first soldier had borrowed the seconds' meal card and went to the DFAC, where the headcount noticed the disparity between the name on the meal card and the one on the BDU's. 1SG tells them he's thinking of recommending both of them for NJP for defrauding the gov't.

Friday, 1615 hours, PVT Low-speed is just about to start extra-duty and is visiting with his wife beforehand. The 1SG comes out of his office and tells PVT Low-speed that he's done with ED and to take his wife to dinner since it's payday. Not two hours later, 1SG is at the MP station, signing for PVT Low-speed, who was stopped by the MP's for speeding and was found to be operating on a suspended license. As part of the CG's policy, PVT Low-speed has his on-post driving privileges revoked for one year.

Fast-forward a week or two. As I'm pulling into the parking lot prior to PT, I see PVT Low-speed get out from behind the wheel of his truck. At the battery, I mention this to the section chief, who is back from BNCOC, and our FSO (Fire Support Officer), a recent graduate from Hudson High. The LT tells me that he told the PVT he could drive, just not to get caught. I was incredulous. I mentioned to the LT that the order had come from the CG himself, this guy was not allowed to drive on-post for a year. LT says he doesn't want to inconvienience this guy's wife by making her get up so early to drive him to work. I lost all respect for that LT right then and there. If that guy's wife was inconvienced, maybe she'd get into his ass about shaping up and doing the right thing. Instead, the LT wants to let this guy skate.

For the rest of the time he was in, that PVT knew he could get away with anything. Afterall, the LT didn't want to make life hard on the poor wife. The LT was trying to be buddies with the PVT's instead of being a real leader. I was so glad to leave that team to go to BN S-2.

The LT use to make sure everyone knew he was prior service enlisted too, if you want to call it that. He went to Basic and then while in AIT, he applied for West Point Prep and was accepted. He finished AIT as a 19D - Cav Scout - and then sat there at Ft. Knox as the Troop bitch-boy / permanent CQ until West Point Prep classes started several months later. So, the extent of his "prior enlisted service" was Basic, AIT, and 6 months of CQ at Ft. Knox. Oh boy, talk about a glorious enlisted career. (He'll probably end up running for President on the Democratic ticket someday.)

It was incidents like this that made me happy to get out of the Army.

Link Posted: 9/2/2004 4:40:13 PM EDT
OEF VET I am over here 502 and man I know exactly what you are talking about with these new soldier's, one of these guy's that I counseled and is getting the Artical 15 was told in writeing that if he screwed up again I would talk to the 1SG about chaptering his stupid ass, well tonight I have to do three mofr counseling on the guy another FTR and Disobeying a lawfull order and then FTR again so you know what his ass is gone. Since we got a new CO and 1SG we have been getting rid of our shit bag's left and right and man it feel's good to finally have a chaim of command to back you up, the old one I had was sorry as hell and now that I can I am laying the hammer down like a damn hurricane and man these guy's are seeing a side of me they have never seen, my mission at this time is to get all four of shit bag's out before I leave for school to finish my medical reclass, I keep getting told that alot of these soldiers are scared as shit of me now, all I say is now I am not being held back by a weak ass commander and 1SG so man the fun has begun.
Link Posted: 9/2/2004 5:38:08 PM EDT
My unit was stateside for the first gulf war. To make a very long story very short, I was held back by a weak ass commander and 1SG and almost got busted for it myself. The company CO, XO, and 1SG all got letters of reprimand recommending that they retire if possible because the officers would never hold another command, and the 1SG was told he would never wear the diamond again. Cover your ass and take care of business.

Originally Posted By Ghost-1:
All I say is now I am not being held back by a weak ass commander and 1SG so man the fun has begun.

Link Posted: 9/7/2004 9:43:16 PM EDT
Kick ass guys. When I was on active I had some sorry bastards work for me and the command protected them. It was a deciding factor in getting out. I saw some sorry ass soldiers in Kuwait too. Standing watch talking on their cell phone eating pizza they ordered with that cell phone. A Marine found a SPC 4 sleeping on watch behind his SAW. So the Marine kicked him until he was awake and on his feet. Then he proceeded to tell him to stand his watch, in a not so nice way. Later that day the Marine get's his ass chewed by some sorry ass SSG for waking his guy up by kicking him. ??? WTF? I'm Navy and I almost shit myself when a marine told me they were glad to see us in camp.
Link Posted: 9/8/2004 5:09:19 AM EDT
I am glad some of you guys have great commands. We had NCO's that should have been out and alot of total fuck ups that God only knows why they were still in the Army. My guess was because we were MI. There were several NCO's that they actually found closets for,that were so incompetant I actually had to tell one how to do his job and I was an E-3!!!! That is scary.
Link Posted: 9/9/2004 6:00:02 PM EDT
Link Posted: 9/15/2004 5:03:44 PM EDT
I was active duty Navy for 9 years, 1980-1989, a couple years in the reserves then out for 9 years. I came back in in 2002, mananged to keep E-6 and spent a year in the UAE. I can't believe the huge difference in dicipline and command structure. The navy I knew was very strict and shit birds were sent home under Project Upgrade. An instant General Discharge within 72 hours of being recommended for it by the COC. Since coming back in, I can't believe the amount of fraternization and favoritism within commands. There is no respect for NCOs and writing up a shit bird for an offense is a thing of the past unless the COC has it in for someone and wants an excuse to fry them. We had a dirtbag E-7 (not a CPO) have a NG playing with his M9 and the command swept the whole thing under the rug. This is the same shitbird who wears "questionable" decorations that he wrote himself up for. We also had a coxswain, an E-5 (with weapons release authority) drunk on a mission and the CO, O-4, his drinking buddy, looked the other way when told of the incident. I got 4 years to go until retirement and hope I make it in the "modern Navy"> Right now I'm laying low in a Seabee unit after last years deployment. I woould like to find a kick ass unit to join but the pickings are pretty slim.
Link Posted: 9/19/2004 6:45:47 AM EDT
I can't believe the changes since I retired. Been on the retired list for 9 years as of the first of next month. Did 24 years with only one stateside shore tour of 33 months -- DC in a Joint billet, at that........ Met my wife while stationed at NCTS Sicily, as we were the only single officers (I am a mustang) in the command. Anyway, the wife (OCS type) never could understand why she had so many disciplinary problems and my troops were always AJ Squared Away, yada, yada, yada. To make a long story short, it has to do with respect and how you treat your folks.

I knew every one of them by name and their families or at least where they were from with some background on them -- it makes them feel good to know someone cares about them. I also sat down with each of them individually and let them know where I came from and what I expected from them. I expected E-4s to take charge, period. I was "Firm, but Fair." Leaders need to lead by walking around and I firmly believe that in order to be a good leader you must know and understand the jobs those under you are assigned to do. Being a "mustang" that spent a number of years as a CPO and Senior Enlisted Advisor I felt comfortable getting my hands dirty and if a problem came up I had no compunction about going out and troubleshooting along side of them -- My E-8s didn't like it, because that meant they had to get off their butts, too. hahahaha

My Chief and Petty Officers knew from the beginning that they couldn't bullshit the bullshitter or snow the snowman when it came to me. They also knew I expected leadership from them and I knew mistakes can and do happen. I expected 100% from them and I gave 110% to them in return. They were always treated as professionals (that they were) and when we had a disciplinary issue it was taken care of immediately instead of being allowed to fester and grow into something out of hand -- I really have little use for all of this crappy counselling "x" number of times crap. It just hurts the cohesiveness of the unit, because the good guys have to put up with the trash. If the Chief or a Petty Officer came to me with a disciplinary issue I backed them up, period. I had a policy that absolutely nobody ever be caught lying to me, period. It worked. Firm, but Fair and respect for the troops along with MBWA (Managing By Walking Around) and take care of the troops and they will follow you into hell, if need be.
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