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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 11/8/2001 5:14:52 AM EST
http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,38297,00.html "Police said after later fatally shooting James, Wallace went to the church where her 16-year-old son [bold]Kenny [/bold]was attending services. Detectives said she fired a shotgun at him, but the pellets hit the Bible he was holding and spared him from serious injury. " Oh My God, she killed, Kenny! Oh, nevermind... What were the dimensions of this Bible? How far away was the muzzle? I don't know what shotgun/choke combo/shot size this woman had, but how did he not even get hit by a pellet? Assuming it was close enough range that the pellets had not spread beyond the area of a normal bible, then she must have been just a matter of a few feet away from him. Maybe it was a .410? Surely wasn't a 12 guage w/buckshot... imho "Wallace was shot five times when authorities tried to arrest her, but has since been released from the hospital. Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty. " Five times? Five? "In nearly 1,000 pages of documents released Tuesday, investigators wrote..." 1000 pages since Sept 2nd. In two months they have written almost a THOUSAND pages? Is this normal? Assuming they are working Mon-Friday, for 9 weeks = 45 workdays... 1000/45 = 22.2 pages per day! "...Wallace studied the Wicca religion. Although the belief teaches nonviolence, she kept recipes for death spells and ailments for enemies." Ummm...so? Don't most Wiccans have prayer/spellbooks that cover all kinds of topics? Doesn't the Bible contain references to people sacrificing thier own children? "The reports said Wallace, an ex-Marine who had undergone years of treatment for mental illnesses, pulled a gun on her oldest son, Gregory, 19, earlier this year. " Wait a dog gone blasted (sorry for the pun) minute! Don't we have gun laws that prevent people with a history of mental illness from even OWNING a weapon? Wait, I forgot, criminals ignore the law, only the law abiding are disarmed... [;D] "Her husband William Wallace stepped in, calmed his wife down and the family "called a truce." [%(] Sorry, but I just got a chuckle from seeing this little icon from AR15.com stepping in to call a truce. "The family had financial trouble and were living with William Wallace's mother in a house too small for them all." Yeah, cause they were all IN RANGE of the mother! "William Wallace is a hunter and kept a total of nine weapons in the house." Who wants to make bets on how many guns he has now? My bet is Zero, zilch, nada... He allowed her to have access to a gun, so they will fry his butt, I bet. poor [%(] will be [>Q] when the JBT's get through with him [stick]
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