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Posted: 4/27/2001 6:04:40 PM EDT
Any of you guys familiar with these older Jeeps?

Should I pull all the pollution control shit off of it?  It's a 360, and I want to get better mileage.  There are no laws or inspections here on emmisions.  I'll plant a tree or something to make up for it.

Anything I should know about the drivetrain, or anything special to do or not do with these old 4wheel drives?

Thanks guys.

Link Posted: 4/27/2001 6:09:59 PM EDT
Put a nice set of axles if you plan on serious wheelin.Small block chevys are nice too no emissions dude you are lucky.checkbooks the limit in that case.
Link Posted: 4/27/2001 6:13:43 PM EDT
Link Posted: 4/27/2001 6:14:33 PM EDT
By the way, I got it for $1670.00 out the door.  They were asking $1975.00+tax.

It has less than 1000 miles on a rebuilt motor.  The work was done by the auto dept. of our local college.  Runs great.

Link Posted: 4/27/2001 6:20:14 PM EDT
Link Posted: 4/27/2001 6:37:18 PM EDT
If you must single-handedly roll back 10 years of emissions control technology, then do it all the way.  Remove [b]everything[/b] related to the emissions, including replacing the carburetor.  I was selling parts for a while, and this dude came in returning his 3d carb.  "I need to return this POS" he says.  "It ain't right."  "Really?", I ask, painfully aware of the statistical improbability of 3 bad identical parts in a row.  "It just won't run right, no matter what I do.  I've put ball bearings in all of the vacuum lines, disconnected all the wires, ran regular gas through it, I mean I did [i]everything[/i] to that truck, but it still won't run right.  What a POS."

One brave soul against hundreds of engineers spending thousands upon thousands of hours, and he doesn't understand why "it just don't run right."

If your truck runs well as is, why fuck with it?  Your mileage won't go up that much, if at all, and trees don't do shit for NOx and HC emission.

Just leave it alone.
Link Posted: 4/27/2001 6:37:33 PM EDT
Well, IIRC it should have a TH400 automatic tranny, and the Quadra-trac transfer case. First and most importantly, use only AMC Quadra-trac fluid in this transfer case! Anything else will cause varnish buildup on the clutches and it'll chatter badly. Also, if you don't 4-wheel regularly in it, about once a month take it to a parking lot and do several figure-8s in opposite directions - this will loosen up the varnish that will form from the lack of use of the clutches. You might want to look at the chain as well, and see how much it's stretched. There's not much you can do as far as swapping to a more common transfer case, due to the offset rear differential, so keeping your Quadra-trac in good shape is a must (unless you want to swap a complete new rearend in to match the new transfer.)

As far as pollution control goes, when it's working properly you won't notice a bit of power loss (except with the earliest cats.) But, the hard part is keeping everything working properly, so my advice will be to can it. Make sure to plug all unused vacuum lines, too.

AMC-era Jeeps were VERY solid vehicles, and with a little care that tank will stay running for a long time. They don't make them like that anymore!

Link Posted: 4/27/2001 6:47:17 PM EDT
Excellent advice so far guys!  I was kidding about the tree anyway, fuck the enviroment, I want to save a nickel dammit!!!

Yeah, this SOB is built like a tank!  It feels good to drive something so solid.  I also own a 1998 Cherokee Sport 4WD, but it wouldn't pull a little 6x10 camper I bought, so I got this beast.  This one came factory with a tow package, and has the hookup for electronic brakes, which this little camper has.

I might not pull off the pollution crap, I'll take a look when I have time and see.  It has a 2 barrel motorcraft carb, which I am very familiar with.

Since this is an AMC, does that mean I can replace the 360 with a 351 Cleveland if this one blows?  I have a 1966 F-100  with a strong Cleveland in it, and I'll swap motors if need be.  That is, if it's a Ford 360, and not the Dodge.  I suppose I could look and see for myself if it's a Dodge motor.

This will be my Knob Creek vehicle.

Keep the advice comming.

Link Posted: 4/27/2001 6:55:47 PM EDT
It's not a Ford or Mopar engine, it's an AMC engine, an enlarged 343.  The only problem is that very little hop-up equipment is available, and gas mileage is poor, and there is not a whole lot that can be done to improve it.  Dual exhausts will help, as will de-smogging and retuning the carburetor.  They are a tank, the only problem with them in these parts is rust.
Link Posted: 4/27/2001 6:56:13 PM EDT
No you cannot do so easily.  That is a proprietary AMC 360 motor.  Need more?  Find an old Matador or something with a 401 in it.

360 AMC is different that Dodge or Ford.
Link Posted: 4/27/2001 7:05:56 PM EDT
Actually, you could get some pretty decent power out of that AMC 360. A rebuild with an RV type cam, 4bbl QuadraJet type carb, and dual exhaust will probably give you plenty of power. If you can take ALL the emission control crap off, I say go for it. Just make sure you get it all and don't mess up your vacuum system. The switch to engage the QuadraTrac transfer case is vacuum actuated.

Keep an eye on the rocker panels and floorboards for rust, too.
Link Posted: 4/27/2001 7:50:05 PM EDT
Sweet!!  My baby is a 77 Cherokee Chief with a factory 4sp, dana 20 transfer case.  I replaced the 360 with a 401 and I swapped in heavy duty 3/4 ton axles from a J20 pickup.  Ive also removed the fender flares with a sawzall and put on a set of 35" tires.  If need any info on your "real Jeep" Check out: www.ifsja.org  There is a good info in JP magazine as well.  Feel free to drop me an E-mail if you have any specific questions.
Link Posted: 4/28/2001 8:19:46 AM EDT
Balming; Your fsj(full size jeep) is plenty stout as is.  The engine, tranny, t-case, and front and rear dana 44 axles are plenty strong.  if you want more info than you can handle go to the ifsja(international full size jeep association) website these guys eat, sleep, and breath their fsjs. I have a 67 super wagoneer on 35's.
Link Posted: 4/28/2001 10:12:23 AM EDT
I beg to differ on the Dana 44's. I had an older J-4000 pickup with a 360 4 spd and tore the spider gears out regularly in the 44's. Luckily I could drive home on the front or rear axles depending on which broke. The 360 was stock but I did have larger than stock tires but not significantly larger.  The 360 had plently of power by the way. All in all it was a very reliable vehicle.
Link Posted: 4/28/2001 10:28:00 AM EDT
Balming, here are some pages that may help you with the emissions on your engine, plus alot of other do-it-yourself performance upgrades, & info on trannys, engines, & T-cases for almost every Jeep.


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