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Posted: 6/17/2009 5:24:49 AM EST
well hell. I noticed a disturbing lack of walmart ammo topics lately, so I might as well mention the fun that me and my co-driver had the other day.

next month, we are both heading to Colorado to shoot the shit out of stuff, take my military blazer over some mountain passes, and kill every prarie dog we see. but we are completely out of .45ACP. shit. 45 is nowhere to be seen. so, we were heading back from California to Missouri in the 18 wheeler and decided we might as well start checking all the walmarts along our route for ammo. we started in Amarillo, and started calling every small town wally world we could find on the internet. found nothing in Amarillo and nothing all the way to Tulsa. (didnt check in OKC)

finally, we got a hold of the walmart in Vinita Oklahoma. they said that they were expecting 5 100 round boxes sometime between 9pm and 11pm. fuck! it was 8pm and we were still way out west of Oklahoma city. had to haul ass to OKC, splash some fuel into the 18 wheeler, and take off to Vinita. we called them around 10PM and they said the ammo had arrived, but they aready sold 1 box. DAMNIT!! luckily, we made it there and they still had 4 boxes of .45 left...and quite a few boxes of 9mm. so I grabbed the 4 boxes of 45 and my co-driver grabbed a box of 9mm.

this ammo hunt is getting fun. I still need a few more boxes. I would love to have at least 1000 rounds before we leave. time to get back to the hunt.
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