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Posted: 9/2/2004 2:55:37 PM EDT

at the hospital. He had on his Marine Corps hat on as his wife pushed him in the elevator.

So thinking I would give him a big smile I said, "So did you see your fellow Marine last night"?

Not realizing his wife had his balls in her purse, she quickly snapped, "We only watched two minutes of it. He made me so sick I changed the channel.

At the same time the door opened, it was my floor I responded, "Im sorry ma'am, but I thought liberals were tolerant. I didnt realize that it is tolerance unless the truth is told". Winked and walked away.

I kinda felt bad for the old guy.
Link Posted: 9/2/2004 3:22:42 PM EDT
I delivered some equipment to a married pair of older veterans-he Army and she Air Force.

Normally I take my time and calmly explain the operation of the equipment, operate it for them, have them operate it themselves. I make it a point to NOT look like I'm trying to get out of there ASAFP. It usually only takes 20-25 minutes to deliver anyway.

I wanted out of there as fast as possible because they had the TV on with Skerry lying his ass off somewhere and they wouldn't stop asking me how long it would be till I was done "Because we have to get down to the democratic headquarters today".

I CANNOT discuss politics with the veterans, though I have had a few conversations with guys that were obviously Bush supporters. (they initiated the discussion) Including one that saw all the progun stuff on my truck and said, "Well, it's pretty apparent who YOU are gonna vote for". I laughed, he laughed, we talked a little politics and then bushitted for about 15 minutes about hunting.

All in all, I pretty much enjoy my interaction with these guys. Out of about 50 pieces of equipment I've delivered only 2 come to mind as assholes. One guy was a complete DICK on the phone because his equipment was late but when I got there he was as nice as could be. So I'm not counting him among the 2.
Link Posted: 9/2/2004 3:35:05 PM EDT
I was in the AF for 20 years. I estimated that at least 70% of the people I knew were Republican or conservative. Maybe I was wrong. Maybe, just being an AMMO troop, thats what we predominantly were. It makes me sick that anyone in the military or from a military background would vote for somebody that voted against 27 something different weapons systems.
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