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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 4/10/2002 2:15:54 AM EST
Well, I am leaving NY after living here for 29 years! I am moving to Palm Bay, FL 2nd week in May. I am so excited. I also already sent in my application last week for my CCW permit. Whats really nutty, is I am moving in with my Ex. [:O] Thats a long story, perhaps I will bore everyone with another time haha. I have been sending out my resumes since last week and unfortunately have no bites yet. But I am confident I can get something fairly soon down there. My ex is helping with that also. I also leave for Basic this summer so if I don't land a job right away it is not all that bad, I have cash in reserve to cover bills, plus I will be ok with basic pay. Spare time is going to also go to firearms training for my ex, for when I am away so don't even think about it! We got an alarm, and a nice little arsenal to keep her covered while I am in basic/ait. (hey kiddin! I know we are all family here) I have to get her in an NRA course soon to meet the requirements for CCW permit process, and will be getting her something small to pack while she is out and about. I am just so excited though about leaving NY, I love NYC and all the partying I do down there. I will be back time to time for vacations. I have alot of friends and family I am leaving behind. But my time for a big change has come. I have been unemployed with some small consulting exceptions, and the ADSW I have been on this month. Other then that, I got sick of my apt here and the high cost of living. I live in Westchester and did not want to do the NYC commute. Thats where there is tons of jobs, and my Westchester job search was turning up nothing but lower paying, overqualified jobs. I just hope I can get lucky with another infantry unit down in FL. My unit up here is the best. I am going to try and do a drill with CO D 124th Inf in Cocoa before I leave to see how they are. They are only about 30mins from my new home. If I don't like them there is 3 more units in FL. So anyway, I just felt like writing this in this morning. I have to find that local shooters web page again, but any of you local guys/gals to that general area send a reply. I have to change and update my email for this account, I get too much junk mail in hotmail. I would like to hear about goings on down there. My ex has been there for over a year now, plus we vacationed there every year for about 5 years so I kinda know that area.
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